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I am a hospital with many wards
I'm saving lives and fixing peoples
Hearts but mine's not in it,
Hearts but mine's not in it.
Emergencies and Accidents
And ambulances are my oxygen,
And people are my blood
And corridors my veins and every day
Is just the same,
Paramedics and pain,
I won't complain
It could be worse,
The old folks homes are cursed.

You've got a date with me,
Could be tonight it could be years,
You've got a date with me,
Could be tonight it could be years.

And every second people die
And many of them are inside
And most will be here soon,
Most will be here soon.
And seriously I hate my work
But someone's got to do it though
The poetry is lost on me,
You're born, you live, you die, that's all that I
Can see from here,
Been counting down the years,
The wrecking ball is far off yet
And till it comes I'm something of a prophet.

You've got a date with me,
Could be tonight it could be years,
You've got a date with me,
Could be tonight it could be years.

It could be years. It could be tonight.

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    My InterpretationI think you can interpret this song on two levels; of course it may be just be a dedication to his stressful and depressing job in a Hospital, or the act of working within this symbolic "hospital" acts as a metaphor for his life.
    If you are tempted to go along with this interpretation, as i am, you only have to look to the first line for justification;
    With this line the speaker's basically implying that his job is to fix "peoples' heart", i.e helping his friends with their romantic issues and heartbreak. His problem though is that his heart's "not in it"; he's not plagued by heartbreak but by the fact he actually has no-one to get close to, therefore he's not in a posistion to love someone, let alone have his heart broken. This idea is backed up by the later line <> If we take the hospital which he claims to be as being symbolic of being lonely/without a lover, then this idea of people "dying"(breaking up) then coming "here"(the state of lonliness which the speaker's in)seems to fit. He knows that one day he will leave the metaphorical hospital of lonliness("you've got a date with me") although this spark of hope is somewhat dampened by the fact it could be so far off("it could be years"). Indeed he is forced to wait for the metaphorical "wrecking ball" to come and knock down his hospital of solitude, so that he can fall in love.

    Right, so far we have a picture of a lonely man, who spends most of his time sorting out the relationship problems of his mates, while he himself has nothing to love, let alone fix.
    However the speaker seems to rely on his role as he decribes it as his "oxygen"; he needs this indirect contact with romance to survive as his love-life is so barren

    Anyway this is just my A-level English slant on some lyrics which, tbh, could have a number of meanings but i think the main thing is that Hospital is a brilliant song, regardless of what deeper meaning(if any) you take from the words.
    charlie42on February 25, 2009   Link

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