Jump jump geronimo, buckle up and here we go
I'm here to entertain and introduce my name
I'm Skee to the Lo and I'm here to do a show
But if you forgot, or knew not, then act like ya know.
If you could see this wantin' me, makin' sure you're readin' me
Know of me, knew of me, let me hear your demo
I brushed it, rushed it to the toilet and I flushed it
Cause cuss words are hush words and shh I'm disgusted
Just sit back, maybe listen to your radio
Baffled as a bat, saying "Who was that?"
It's the mad mad one from mad tracks
Makin' mad beats for you punks to get mad at
So if you really wanna know to who's beat am I rhyming
Really does it matter? Cause I'ma make you scatter.
I might get rude but if you wanna start, three o'clock we can take it to the park
I'll be waitin' for ya.

Snap, crackle, pop oh wow look at me now
Holy cow, watch me blew up, blow up, make ya throw up
I got mad fills and make mad bills
If I was to Buffalo, what was so big about my chestnut skills?
I get ills and make a mil from the place where I was (?)
Wreck shop and get bit like bucket
Like Jodeci, makin' sure you notice me, whoa as we
MCs like wanting all the enemies to run run from her
Cause I'm the don-donna of rap and you don't wanna herr dat song
They wanna know one (what?) two (what?) three could follow me
Yo, 'nough respect due to the one who follows Skee
Not Jamaican or Rastafarian, I play Atari 'n
Sometimes nintendo, relief is from the Indo (leaf..?)
You got beat and lose teeth
But if you really wanna start, we can take it to the park
I'll be waitin' for ya.

Red rover, red rover now watch me come on over
You know I cross the sea as if my name was Noah
Watch out cause I'll blow you clear across the contintent
Cause you know Apollo like the Lincoln Monument
So hey! I'm famous, but never call me Amos
Don't like cookies, never been a rookie
Played hooky, so whup me, arrest me, protest me
Do what you wanna, but you know you're gonna have to gimme props, gimme props
I zip like lock, grab a microphone and rock, bad news on the block
Did you forget (uh?) forgot (uh?) sweat me? Not!
Or listen to the sounds of a rapper go pop the weasel
Like Diesel I fills up your truck
A lock gets the talent, but I make the bucks
I wreck shop, wreck hip hop and even wreck cruits
Gimme a piece of that flow and I'm gon' wreck that too
Cause I'll be waitin' for ya.

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