Big words for small people with even smaller minds
Laws they can't use or even define
Seem to think they can decide our morals
Children murdered all the time.

Waste into nothingness
Seperate at the line
Pulled from birth
Drowned, burned, choked alive.

It's an atrocity to kill young life
Outside is wrong but inside is fine
Legality means nothing when the child is buried alive
Inside the womb that convieved its mind

Senesless murder, easy to throw away
Another life shot down on another day
Doctors know the truth, but money speaks lies
Apparatently also docterns who lives and who dies.

What would your "God" say to this meanings of starting again?
He'd cast you off fallen with whats inside your head

You were careless and unaware how could you guess?
Sarcasm clearly won't bring back the dead
It's amazing what people get in their head

That abortion is good, that abortion is right
All because you didn't think when created them that night.

How can you live knowing you've killed ?
Doesn't it shake you, give you chills?
Knowing the cemetery has one more, to populate the rows, what do you think, four-by-four ?

A song can't change minds, but it can impower the good
Your actions evil but you'll get what you should
Hate and scorn, shame and guilt
At what the child could've been, could've built

I'll bring flowers to an unmarked grave
Write more lyrics to try and save
You'll wallow in grief and wish you had power
To turn back time and plant a new flower.

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Fry Day, Can Abyss song meanings
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