Running in a cage like freak beasts on stage
To acquire the honor of dishonor
Humble idea for Machiavellian seeds
To grow their old megalomaniac trees
See no evil; hear no evil
Ellet tse erton esived.

In sick organic shadows
Where nano-things are the crutch of life,
The test-tube men eliminate themselves
Inside this asymetric archaic circle
See no evi; hear no evil
Ellet tse erton esived.

Tragedy of selfishness, become as they are
Their old bark left bare and infected
Roots' thirst so immense
It could transform the sea to salt

Enu ratis...will end the events
I know you will be...lenger arelurb
You will see...Trom te eiffiret
Tnemeleus at xiork arengiomet ed nok reunnohsed
Enu ratis...will end the events
I know you will be an ancient shadow

See no evil; hear no evil
Ellet tse erton esived

The tragedy is just beyond our roots
The world stops... We wander here,
Where only the mad knows the truth
And knowledge testify in their names.
We barter our bark
Like stupid pawns sacrificing for their king
Like some miracle boy's transformations
We transmuted our sap into living bribes.

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Megalomaniac Trees song meanings
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    General CommentSimply EPIC
    she is our currency
    devinxdisasteron August 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA sitar will end the events
    I know you will be... the reign will burn
    You will see... death and terrify
    Loneliness, your cross will testify to idiot [?] dishonor
    devinxdisasteron September 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentJust to explain what devinxdisaster said for those who doesn't get it (english talking people), the band write their lyrics mostly in english, but sometimes they put french verses, but reversed. So "Ellet tse erton esived" would be "telle est notre devise". Other exemple of that are showed in the previous comment (devinxdisaster traduct french in english).

    The band did that in (at least) an other song, Desert Urbania, where "Enu Edayon Eikerppa" mean "Une noyade apprecie" (An appreciated drowning)
    JohnTheRedon February 17, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaningsounds like megolomaniac trees are the military. we, like trees, are trying to expand and grow. we are trying to influence other people to live like us, dress like us, and be assimilated to demecracy and american ways. there trying to say that this wont work and "sitar" may bring about a reminder of their own culture and accentuate their desire to resist new ways.

    "Like stupid pawns sacrificing for their king"
    marines in service for the president.
    kpop12on June 12, 2009   Link
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    General Commentdevinxdisaster, nice job on the whole backwards french thing, i would never had been able to figure this shit out if not for that.
    kpop12on June 12, 2009   Link

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