"The Die" as written by Wasalu Jaco, Rudolph Loyola Lopez and Gemstones,....
I present, the death, of tha cool

Well I heard like group of cows
That all your enemies wanna shoot you down
They got AK 47's and a bunch of mac 11's
Semi automatic weapons that produce ka pows
Word on the street is, they all got heatas
They gon hit you up and you ain't even gon see it
You gotta lot of money, I ain't tryna be funny
But they say where you goin, you ain't even gon need it
They see you ridin round, shinin with your fine round diamonds
Pretty green eyed lady
Been on tha sideline poutin, while you primetime poppin
Hungry niggas want a peice of your pastry
I suggest you protect your bakery
Cause they comin for your head,
And its a bounty on that chain thats hangin from your neck
They said

I don't know
What you been told in your ear, but I hear its goin down
Sombody gotta
Don't know what you been told in your ear, but business goin round
Sombody gotta

Hitta nigga wit tha mini mac strap, clap
Any nigga think he gettin keys down here
Any meeta, any nigga gettin money, or my honey, man I heard
Micheal young is a weak clown? here
Run up on a nigga from tha back wit a mac
Or be strapped cause a nigga finna squeeze off 10
Run up on his nigga lac ratta tat tat,
Click clack where this nigga at I need sin
Shit is goin down if I see him
Bump a nigga out like oxy ten
And keep a couple of dollas up in tha wallet
To pay they cops so they can never box me in
Thats what i'm thinkin
While ridin around polishin this big pistol
Imma catch him in tha wind
Pray tha gun don't jam
So until we meet again
Nigga its cool!

I don't know
What you been told in your ear, but I hear its goin down
Sombody gotta
Don't know what you been told in your ear, but business goin round
Sombody gotta

Man, man you can't beleive none of that. Man you need just need to, you just need to relax man. Trust me

Don't pay them niggas no mind
They hatin on you ain't nobody witta shotty
Planin on doin a robbery
Itchin to catch a body
Creepin in a stolen jalopy
Out there waitin on you
sittin in a stolen car, finna rob this nigga
Should I let the mini mac or tha shotgun hit him?
I been waitin all day tryna spot this nigga
I can't let him get away, im gon pop this nigga! UHHHH]
Plus they don't know about the choppa in tha trunk
Tha glocks in a box and tha nine on tuck
The bullet proof glass the 40's in tha stash
You pull tha steerin wheel and it pop on up
40 caliber stashed up in tha stash box
Bullet proof windows, you couldn't break em wit a padlock
Ak in tha trunk, where tha sounds bump
Two twin glocks and a nine in his damn crotch
We tryna go up in this club
Show a little love
Get a few drinks
Holla at some girls
Snatch up a pair
Leave outta there
Put some dro in tha air
And then go and get some grub
We finna go up in tha club
Show a little love
Get a few drinks
Holla at some girls
Snatch up a pair
Leave outta there
Put some dro in tha air
And then catch a few slugs
Ay pull over right here, I gotta take a pee
And don't go nowhere nigga wait for me
And if some niggas do kill you in the next few minutes
Just remember my nigga its a heaven for a G.

(Music stops)
(The cool plays on the radio inside of a car)

Ay ay hold this right there.
I'll be, I'll be right back I gotta take a piss man hold on.
Fa sho. Ay man, ay don't leave I'll be right back.
Ay don't leave I'll be back.

Hurry your ass up man. Damn.
Coolest nigga what, coolest nigga what, coolest nigga what.
Hustla for life!!!
Ay man, nigga hurry your ass up. Shit.
I'm ma cool ass nigga man.
Fuckin three in tha mornin.
I'm tha coolest muthafucka in tha world man.
Niggas ain't fuckin with me man.
Nigga I'm high, smokin. Fly ass car.
I run these muthafuckin streets, and these niggas out here lookin for me.
Man I wish a muthafucka would...
Ay nigga hurry your ass up, nigga. Damn

(Footsteps and a gun cocking)
(Random voice)Whats up now nigga?
*Gun Shots*
Ain't to cool now is you nigga?
(Musics slowly fades to a stop)

Lyrics submitted by Wulfreigns, edited by hustlaman

"The Die" as written by Wasalu Jaco Rudolph Loyola Lopez

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    General Comment[Character names will be all caps]
    The way I see it, it's the friend that's either reluctantly or accidentally setting up MYH. In the introduction, he warns MYH that someone's gonna try to kill him. The second verse has THE GAME (Possibly, maybe somoene else who'se in love with THE STREETS) bout what he's going to do when he catches MICHEAL. The reasn I think it's THE GAME is because of the line:
    "Enemy to any nigga gettin' money
    On my honey..."

    The character THE GAME is married to THE STREETS, who's having an affair with MICHEAL YOUNG HISTORY (according to the character bios) Gettin' money on my honey therefore = getting money on THE STREETS. The other reason I feel it's THE GAME comes later in the song.

    In the second chorus, you can hear MYH's friend trying to calm him down, just tellin' him to relax.

    The entire second verse is a sort of unintenional statement/echo thing.
    The friend tells MYH something like 'nobody's out there in theat car out there plannin' to rob someone'
    While THE GAME or the shooter mimics it in the affirmative, 'I'm sitting in this car, fixin' to rob someone'

    It's most apparent in the last two parts, where the friend lists everything MYH has in his truck that 'they don't know about', and THE GAME/ the shooter lists all those things and knows about them.

    The final lines before the friend goes to pee are exactly the same, chaning 'we' to 'they', and 'go and get some grub' to 'catch a few slugs'

    Verse Two was the reason I believe that THE GAME was the shooter, and the friend was the one who set MYH up. One of the features of THE GAME is 'wiretaps for ears', through which he can hear everything. The friend tells Michael allt he things he's got in his own car, that THE GAME might not know about, who repeats it to himself, listing it off.

    The reason I figure the friend was reluctant about setting micheal up is because even while he was doing it, he was trying to warn MYH, up to the lat line "and if a nigga do KILL YOU IN THE NEXT FEW MINUTES..." basically telling MYH what's going on.
    Wulfreignson June 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe Die is about a street beef between two people who both Lupe Fiasco and Gemstones act as during the song. That's why at the end of the song Gemstones, being "The Cool", gets shot and killed while Lupe gets out of the car to supposedly 'take a pee'. When Lupe says 'Just remember my nigga its a heaven for a G', he's being ironic indicating; you won't go there because you're about to be killed but I will because I'm pure. And Gemstones character does end up dieing. Play it in reverse to hear another tale from The Cool.
    hustlamanon June 21, 2016   Link
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    General CommentBasically this song is like going in past for the story line of his character "The Cool". In his previous album on his song "The Cool" the story begins with him leaving his coffin after his death. This Song "The Die" is the story of his death.
    letsgetfreeon December 25, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so dope! oh my goodness!
    DJ_critikaLon December 26, 2007   Link
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    General Comment2 comments, seriously?, this is definately my favorite song off the album, i could listen to it over and over
    Rightbackon February 12, 2008   Link
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    General Commentmine too, the shit man
    Sainthearcon March 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIts obviously the death of the character "Michael Young".
    The irony here is that all of "Michael Young"'s secrets (the twin 40's etc...) are actually not so much of a secret. The character plotting to kill him is in full knowledge of everything; his right hand man (I'm not sure if it's "The Streets") is selling Michael candy (this niggas hatin'....) the setup...and the assasination of "The Cool".
    flyysince89on April 20, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthungry niggas want a piece of your pastry
    I suggest you protect your bakery.

    That's my favorite line.
    WINDEXMANon May 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI dont think this is the death of the cool. Im not quiet sure who it is that dies but im pretty sure its not the cool, because the person who walks up to the car sounds like his voice would fit the cool more than the one who's shot
    StuyBoion June 02, 2008   Link
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    General Commentbro he says i present the death of the cool, how could the cool be the dudewith the gun?
    Truncaleon June 03, 2008   Link

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