it's such a shame we'll never be
like we were when seventeen
but we still have memories
for always

remember on that windy night
wandering with squinted eyes
up some trails without a guide
for always

eventually we reached the top
leaned against a massive rock
promised we would never stop
for always

how were we to know what the distant future holds?
how could we expect the events that happen
like all who came before
we're just a metaphor
of yesterday's sunset
that I wouldn't dare regret

you know that pick around your neck
everyday I used to check
if you wore it and you did
for always

at least you did til near the end
said it fell behind your desk
knew that we were over then
for always

you see it wasn't just a pick
it was something I couldn't
show to you and never did
for always

we were so naive to expect that we would be
exceptions to the rules that were made in Cupid's school
will we meet again?
will we make amends?
i guess it's up to fate
the same one that took you away

then there's every Friday night
you would take us for ride
only you and I collide
for always

we would watch a silver screen
while affection intervenes
every exposition scene
for always

though the movie's over with
Borders isn't closed quite yet
books are waiting to be read
for always

every memory will become a melody
a tragedy unfolds and some wisdom then is born
if you are in love
and you're also young
you'll find out just like me
just as love arrives, it leaves

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Just As It Arrives, It Leaves song meanings
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