Step back
Gettin in your face like we're in your arse crack
2 white boys with a message and a sack of the finest beats and a lyrical attack

Its the rise of a new breed
Messin up your system like we're GM weed
Feel free to sit and listen to the latest intervention
Have you had a revelation? Thats the motherfucking question

Rest assured we're the S.U.B.
You're never gonna see us in the N.M.E.
Keepin it tight we're the real fuckin deal
Cheap, shit and nasty like a toy in a happy meal

That aint to say that we aint got skills
My name's not OJ but this shit kills
You're under our spell til this shit ends
Leave MCs sinking like a whale in the Thames

Keepin it real with the S.U.B.

Last month we had a run-in with the law
Since when were you not allowed to party til 4?
The copper rang the bell cos he couldn't knock the door
The fucking glass bit was smashed on the floor

"Right we've had a complaint about the noise
Said it was coming from 2 student white boys
Whilst I'm here do you mind if I quiz ya?
What's the deal with the king size rizla?"

We said "it's used for origami"
The cop fucking bought it we were really fucking jammy
We pack more heat than the army and the RAF
More dangerous than a pool party at Barrymore's gaff

Keepin it real with the S.U.B.

Pull up to the club in a Ford Fiesta
Glasgow fuckin bouncers always need to test ya
Pointing out the names on the guestlist sheet
Fast-track through to the VIP suite

Lettin people in 5 girls at a time
Sittin back, drinkin up, listening to grime
It's gonna make you tingle like a finger down your spine
The ladies are fine and the music's sublime

So smoke up and sit back in your chair
We'll leave a smile on your face like Cherie Blair
We're never stoppin, bombs are droppin when its Finnie and me
Journey to a new dimension with the S.U.B.

Keepin it real with the S.U.B.

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