"Living In A World Corrupt" as written by Kevin Deron Brereton and Martin Mckinney....
Verse 1
i walk a tight rope holding the flame of hope for real
many have lost their hearts they can't even feel
intravenous filled with negative thought waves
concealed with the musical tool on short wave radios and tv shows and foes who position
blind to the facts of planet changing positions
this is just another method of lyrically intrepid emceein rockin 360 degrees on its axis
sick and tired of plastic and wackness expressed when rappers do not address
situations thats happenin im trappin em mentally tappin em
of all faith good things caught in this rapture
in embryotic psychotic antibiotic
verses that create climatic curses that are hypnotic
on the b side flip the freestyle and we could fly
out in our heavenly bodies we on the sky like
(chorus) Living in a world corrupt
i try to keep my faith but it takes all of me all of me
in the end come back to me
in the end come back to me
(yo check it out so much drama in the world so much so much drama in the world)
Verse 2
you know what gimme the mic back i strike back with understanding
to the point theres no more going off on a tangent
no misguided blows to emcee foes when heaven knows they could be sheeps and wolves closed
cause eveything is flipped in this world of eclipse
i used to judge the next man now i just sit
back and let the most omniscent do all the judging
i'm just a fresh rookie soul fresh out the oven
and i want to give you all of me
when the pen ink hits the paper i'm so free like a phoenix
its between us you and i
so listen to my voice as my soul fly high
in the atmosphere rap does fear the truth its a problem like a tree with no roots
so i set it off and get it all for my people round the world
sending this back for the diamonds and the pearls
Verse 3
my soul bleeds with the trees indeed for mankind
i wish i could press rewind back to the time when
we were spiritual individuals playing games in this physical frame with no pain
but they changed that
we left brain black
so now i got to meditate to get my name back
and though they try to implicate us
paraders and invaders i'm here to drop a joint like amadeus
check this out
negligence of intelligence leads to irrelevence in the world where they just get mind elegance
they program us and television throw cannons
out the sink so you cant think and sink like the titanic
when i panic i bend my knees to the creator
i know he's got my back a pardonator
state your name rank and serial number
they got in slumber and sleep
we gotta keep movin on the retreat

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