There once was a boy, a robotic boy,
with a crank sticking out of his brain.
He never performed with sadness or joy
he was just simply programmed to sing.

So he sang.
So he sang.
So he sang.

So he sang until the melody
With no one around this robot fell down,
and the crank it broke off of his head.
With the jar to his hard drive he felt all alive:
The old robot he used to be dead.

There was rage in his brain!
There was pain in his frame!
There was love, there was hunger and strife!
He felt lonely, rejected, at times disconnected!
No answer to the meaning of life!

So he sang.
So he sang.
So he sang.
So he sang.

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    My InterpretationThe first verse refers to how people are raised.
    We don't ask why, we don't care
    we just do it (whatever 'it' happens to be),
    it's what we were taught, and what we do.

    But eventually we come to realize the wrongs of the world,
    we ask questions, we want to know why;
    everything is pretty painful when we come to realize it.

    But as the robot has feelings now and keeps singing,
    we feel we can't correct it, so we go on doing what we were taught.
    We continue to follow along, despite the fact we know it's wrong.

    That's my interpretation, anyway.
    Shouon April 18, 2010   Link

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