Nothing left, feel alright, I think I’ll play it down.
Pretty little strain, I can take a bus to school, you can tag a stride, your ride

And you’re here and you're alive, and you’re the untapped memory of another life
And you’re huge as the sky and you're dropping satellites
I can’t think of your face without cracking the bones in my hands
I can’t breath through your lies and I think I’m off script again

Want your bones, want your face
Another time, another place
If your hands tell your bones
Bring it down, spill all over… spill all over

Well it seems that those survived 'till the end of the wave
Spit blood like a true general woman, wipe it on your sleeve
Come see with us that page and the blocking clouds your face
It’s the monster at the end of the book, the battle at the panic of your dream

Who won that round?
Who won that round?
Spill all over, spill all over

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Autumn of the Seraphs song meanings
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    General CommentWhere exactly did you get the lyrics for this song? Not that I don't believe these are the words. I am actually quite curious where one finds Pinback lyrics when they're not included in the jacket.


    I'm sure you're lyrics of "true general woman" is correct, but wouldn't it be cooler if it was Trojan woman, because that's what I always hear. Can you imagine a Trojan woman spitting blood on stuff? What could that possible MEAN! Holy Cow! The possibilities are endless.


    The line about the monster at the end of the book makes me think of Where the Wild Things Are.

    I have it on good sources that this song is about being ostracized for liking wizards, dragons and sorcery. When he says he can take the bus to school he actually is saying he can take a mouse to school, because he does experiments on them in the attic where Bastian was reading the Neverending Story.

    Off script again: When Rob is the Dungeon Master he likes to ad lib and that usually makes Zach and the other guys all furious and stuff. All the other imagery I trust becomes clear in light of this new information.
    liruichenon February 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYa, I too like the idea of "trojan woman" instead of true genuine woman. It seems more fit for the album title as well, "Seraphs", theres gotta be some...if any at all, connection there. As for the song meaning...I really cant make anything out. The reference is a bit too heavy to interpret.
    theeonekoreanon April 14, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretation(just my opinion)
    This song is about the deep pain the writer still has after countless years about the love of his life....or at least a love that went wrong. She was a horrid slut only discovered years after they had been together. Here is a breakdown:
    "Nothing left feel alright I think I'll play it down...pretty little strain."
    no love left, empty, tries to act like he doesn't care but deep inside he's just trying to convince himself that he's over the pain....and he's actu'ly not.

    "i can take a bus to school, you can tag a stride, your ride"
    Here he explains that he tries to take it day by day like a slow bus ride to school trying to get over it and try different relationships that will hopefully get him over her. She takes life with a free...uncaring and hurtful.

    "And you're here and alive the untapped memory of another life."
    this means that she's always in his head...untapped reality of how she moves on from man to man taking more pain and creating more memories with other men. More men with have memories of her and she continues to sleep around and give herself to others only to give more pain and sorrow to others like himself.

    "and your huge as the sky and your dropping satelilites"
    here he says she is amazing, perfection while she continues to destroy. The satellites she drops are other men. Men are like satellites...circling above looking for that woman that will blow them away....she comes around...does the job but drops them like it was nothing.

    "i can't think of your face without cracking the bones in my hands"
    self explained....hes pissed and deeply hurt..Hates her but loves her at the same time.

    "I can't breath through your lies and I think I'm off script again"
    her lies were horrid...he still remembers how she destroyed him with lies and loses his concentration...he has to get back to writing the script or song lyrics without being specific.

    "want your bones want your face"
    here he says he is still...still crazy about her even with all the pain she's inflicted on him.

    "spit the blood like a true general woman, wipe it on your sleeve"
    here he paints a vivid picture of her like a war general after his victories she spits the blood out and wipes it on her generals place the markings on their sleeve of every battle won. Her battles won are those over the men she's taken down....hurt...destroyed.

    "come see with us that page and the blocking clouds your face"
    another page another man in her book, she covers her face with lies..that is her blocking the truth...she even lies to herself. She doesn't even know who she is.

    "its the monster at the end of the book the battle at the panic of your dream"
    The climax at the end of the book is that battle everyone looks forward to...her battle to try to win over her own lies when all she really wants is to find her perfect love. But even she can't control herself...she panis when her dream can finally come true but ruins it with her crap...her slutty habits and uncontroling lies.

    "who won that round....spill all over"
    Who won the next chance to be with her and who won the battle...he did or she did...the writer still finds interest in knowing if another man will finally win the battle with her. Does she continue to be victorious and kill others hearts. She spills all over men after man...winning and defeating...
    Can you imagine what she must look like and what an amazing personality she must have? While she's just a big lie and a slut!
    A very powerful song as the music supports the lyrics perfectly!
    This is just my take...I LOVE IT!
    ocosta1on January 06, 2012   Link

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