Hey What's up? leave me a message and I'll get back to you...

Yo Kim its good its the ?? how's your boy just waitin for you you get back up again so we can make another classic you know what I mean you know you need any extra com you mean know i got you that black car for you its nothin and you know matter a fact I gonna hold those royalty cheques back from flippin put it into a little stock and bond give you a little MR2 you know what I mean so when you get out again you know I'm alright.

Yo Kim this is Julie Greenwald callin. Everybody's callin me this album is fuckin off the hook I got Halle Berry dyin to be in your next video you gotta call me man pick up the phone call me. You gotta lock some shit down while you're away but this shit is on fire... call me.

Yo Kim what up this Shar man what's up? I see you aint answering the phone but um..hold your head while you're went in there I know is nothin and you a soldier and I like support you.. Shot dash.

Yo Kim? Pick up what up its Kev Lars oh shit damn I forgot! oh niggaz call me back. Well I guess you call me back you get that quarter. You know call me back when you get a chance baby girl ahh I am just missin you, wanna give you an update you know you're listening to the voice mail, but you're so hot you might have to

settle in there so give me a call back alright. peace Yo Kim this brother man just callin (yo wait up Kim) Sayin goddam you gotta do this bullet but ah you gotta knock em. You got Jones goddam it you got Jones in your blood if you gonna do that man you gonna knock that bullet in your hand.

Kim what up its Em. Listen call me when you get this I need to talk to you its real real real real real important I got Donald Trump called earlier this morning. Wants to know what's up you gonna go in half partners on this hotel! And then you got Bill Gates callin on the computer stuff Rundell callin me every five minutes like he needs answers I just need you to call me. You call me when you get this it's real important alright? Talk to you in a minute please.

Yo don't answer your muthafuckin phone this is ya boy Ado Uno. Yo I just got back on the grill Ya know what I'm sayin'. You gotta bang
another good album its exceptional Ya know what I'm sayin' but the Ford is spendin 70 MILLIONS!

What up Kim? the Suga Shak here I'm gonna call you every muthafuckin day I'm saying you muthafuckin be on your phone. Yer what?

My name is Nigel muthafucker the bootlegger I bootleg everythin. I don't told you that before muthafucker. What is fuckin wrong with
you muthafuckers? You keep talkin she worth.....

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Answer Machine Skit 2 song meanings
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