I am running with a heavy heart
It's like an anchor making sure I never get too far
I am wounded and nearly torn apart
It feels like it's all too much

What do you do when you can't get up?
(You take it back and start again.)
There's a new day coming in
What do you do when you can't go home?
(You take it back and start again)

Pick up the pieces and put me together
Tell me everything is gonna be okay
Give me a reason to get up again
Taken more than any one should ever take

I've been buried, yeah, I've been left for dead
Don't think I'm ever gonna see the light of day again
Scratch the surface for the air above
I try but it's not enough

What do you do when you can't get up?
You just take comfort knowing you can't get much lower than you are

And I swear, I'll never sin again

Things are never gonna be the same
And all I have to say is
You're the only one to blame
With a (?) that you know I'm in
I don't think that I am ever gonna leave this cage

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    General CommentFirst off, this is a truly amazing song from ATFEH and I truly enjoyed every listen. As I have experienced an exact situation in my own life, I'll go ahead and share my thoughts on what this song means to me and hope it helps for someone else as well.

    The first verse starts off the song with the idea that the singer is wounded but that his wounds were self-inflicted because of a past experience or lifestyle choice. We don't see a very example of why this is the case, but whatever the cause, it seems to be holding the said person down and not allowing them to move on with their lives.

    I won't touch much on the chorus as it is very self explanatory and uses the simple idea that the singer feels as if he is alone and is begging for someone to tell him that he is still alive and that things will get better.

    The second main verse is when the singer is able to bring us down to his level (and mine) and explain that he has been feeling a certain darkness around him and can't seem to escape. In a situation like that, no matter how hard we may try to fight and "get up to the surface for air," it feels like the weight of our problems (whatever they may be) are pushing us back towards the deep end.

    "And I swear, I swear I'll never sin again"

    This "bridge" describes a feeling that hits far too close to home for me. I realized that through my own dishonesty, I was not only hurting the ones around me that I had said were my closest loved ones, but I was also hurting myself in ways that led me to almost offing myself. To finally allow myself to live a happier, more satisfactory lifestyle, I had to realize that I needed to get rid of my dishonest personality that was holding me down for so long.
    Lespaulsmithon March 26, 2013   Link

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