and it's been said
she dreamed in color
she lived her life in black and white

and it's been said
she's been here far too long to just surrender
she's far too far from home to just turn around

and it's been said

Monday she left home for New York City
by Friday she was found but torn apart
before she left a letter on the table
wrapped in ribbons she wore across her heart

she said the world could never know
that we're better off this way
she said we'd never understand it all

her touch was the feel of magical
and her eyes were the color of beautiful
she said it's better off this way

if you're reading this you're far too late
too many chances and too many chances please don't wait
things will never be the same again it's been said

and it's been said
this house is haunted
cause you didn't believe like i believe in you
and it's been said
this could have been avoided
if we only loved the way we should

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Samantha the Great song meanings
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    General Commentomg no ones commented yet! yaya i get 2 b the first! I'm so pumped! haha sry im very easily excited lol:)
    anyway, i think this song is about some girl who used to be this amazing intoxicating person who didn't care what anyone thought of her. However, after she gets her heart broken, she does a complete turn around so that she can't seem to find a reason to live. I think in the end she kills herself because she doesn't have it in her to travel all the way back to before, "it's better off this way" being her main rationale.The last verse serves as sort of a moral to the story, like don't be reckless with other peoples hearts, it may just destroy them.
    serenity23on February 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song's about me.
    the end.

    so basically it's about this girl, who has all these dreams and aspirations but she didn't do shit about them because no one believed in her. then finally one day she gets the nerve to prove them all wrong. she runs away. but SUPRISE life sucks and she fails.
    i feel like she drives herself insane because of her failure. maybe it was because she had no support, no one to rely on. but she still has her spark(her touch was the feel of magical, her eyes were the color of beautiful) and even though her life sucks now, it's better than going back home where she'll only hear "i told you so"s from the people who never believed in her.
    but then the last stanza is about those people realising how much it sucks that she's gone. she "haunts" them and they realised they should've believed and loved her all along. but nope. she's gone for good.
    bromptonXblendon June 18, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti totally agree.
    maybe partially just a love song though, you know?
    like "her touch was the feel of magical, her eyes were the color of beautiful"
    he probably adores her.
    but "it's better off this way."
    whoagigiohon November 11, 2009   Link
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    General CommentStraight from Joe's formspring

    It is part of a three part story through three different Patent Pending songs! Here is an old answer to a question about these songs -
    "Decemberween" is the beginning of the story between two characters. The second part is the song "Samantha The Great" off of our record - Save Each Other The Whales Are Doing Fine. Hey Six is the 3rd part of that story. It's about two people that are in love and it's a really cool story. "Decemberween" deals with one of the characters suffering from Anorexia. "Samantha The Great" is about the other character putting their addiction before the one they love. and "Hey Six" is about the first character heading to New York City to track down the love they lost. Most of our songs aren't this deep. but these 3 are, and it's exciting!
    kimmybon February 13, 2010   Link

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