i ran a trail of fire
thru the meadow paths
guided by the river banks
and trees from which they'll have me hang
keep running away from the fire
keep running away from the light
til it's gone

are all our summers
at one with the ground?
and everything i loved you for
a trail of fire from the door
that leads me to a hiding place
and locking me inside

how loud this blade of grass
how long til eventide
the dark that shroud your loving neighbour
he's the one who lit the paper
while the reason's unexpressed
and the sources undetermined
the innocent are voiceless
the voiceless are innocent
should i cut that middleman
just dig a hole and throw me in
say a prayer to my loving saviour
he's the one who lit the paper
say a prayer to my loving saviour
he's the one who lit the paper

from them i strip the title
extinguish and misuse
and all our engraved memories
are unsuccessful remedies
i'm sick of papering the cracks
and extinguishing the fire tracks

though flawed by design
i'm torn from the strife
that did pile at the door
but is feared no more
though i once wedded her
and her want was to play
as another's arms held
took her wanting away

questions on top of questions don't think that
it is too late for me


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    General CommentAbsolutely amazing song and brilliant lyrics. One of Vennart's finest efforts.
    LordMarburyon September 04, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song has some strong metaphors! Heavy stuff... By far not everything in this song is clear to me, but I have some points to share. For me, this song tells the story of a driven person that realises, that his search for truth or some meaning is leading nowhere.

    Running a trail of fire is an ultimate metaphor for a driven person, not being able to just stop and reconsider. There seems to be some kind of sanctuary that can offer some peace of mind, but this is only momentarily as it does not help to resolve the situation. Instead it leads to isolation from the outside world, with the fire still burning in front of the door.
    Eventually he begins to realise the absurdity of his doing and that he is only fooling himself, but he keeps holding on to this blade of grass as long as possible. With the inevitable awakening to all this, the darkness and doubt creeps in on him.
    By the way, "how loud this blade of grass" is nonsense. I propose "I'll hold this blade of grass, held on to eventide" or even "Our love displayed a grasp". Also I think it's "From then I stripped the title", if that makes sense.
    As with the rest of the album religion and religous metaphors are everywhere. The "loving neighbour/saviour" can obviously refer to a religous figure, if it's not just another name of Jesus Christ.
    To light a paper is an allusion to a ritual game where you write a wish on a small piece of paper, lift the corners of the paper and fold them together forming a sack, then by lighting it make the wish come true. Basically it is a form of prayer.
    The same goes for "paper in the cracks" (not "papering"), which refers to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It is jewish tradition to put a slip of paper with a prayer written on it into its crevices.
    Finally, our hero has freed himself from his old misguided ways ("torn from this drive", not "strife"). And that, despite the strong affinity to hold on to religious believes that is innate to human nature. But there may be more to the expression "flawed by design".

    Finally I'd like to mention that I feel that ther is some connection to the lyrics of "Paper Champion". Perhaps Mike Vennart has been playing a sorceress in Diablo II and the song is about that :-)
    jannisanon October 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIMO this song is about an affair that he feels partly responsible for. He is retracing the steps that brought him there. Although he accepts his part of the responsibility, he can't deal.... "i'm sick of papering the cracks
    and extinguishing the fire tracks"
    mike115798on December 28, 2016   Link

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