i've exhausted my pen
just to pinpoint a where and when this
all began
but all i can see
is where my fingers did touch these keys
a mass of steel that brings
angels with beautiful wings
wrapped around me as they sang
"i will protect the infected in all you see"

first i could taste the poison in my tongue
spread to my lips with every word i spoke
inhaled and exhaled through my lungs
we're incubating and assisting a virus
here in the crow's feet and cracks of my face
we found a place to hide and keep my secrets safe away

while years passed by
and days passed on
light and heat reflected off of me
to burn and melt shapes of who i used to be
but don't get caught
in what you saw
lesser men have died from what was growing inside
my fate i accepted i could not change
but no hospital
would have me
was this psychosymatic with no symptoms to diagnose?

alas i knew what was there all along
i could feel my insides burning
when my eyelids fluttered and my sweaty palms did stutter
locked all the doors and hid under my sheets from the cracks of these streets that were beckoning me
i would stare into the back of my eyelids
the audience is listening so preach on brother preach
we can sleep forever now or wake up just to dream
all these voices told me that i was different i didn't wanna be
but when i look into my reflection now i'm loving what i see
i'm the miracle in the mirror! i'm the miracle in the mirror!

see if god can't judge me
neither can you
i was sent on a mission for the evil things i do

when all else fails
in case of emergency
take two lives and don't call anyone in the morning
apologies and misunderstandings could shed light on a fatal night
i lost myself when i lost that will to fight

So how can we fix what has been broken when the pieces remain unnamed
with two hands to my face i will wash the blame away
for i got caught
in what i saw
the sky opened up and i gave my soul away
the sun pierced my flesh and i'd rather just erase the pain away

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