I was born during Desert Storm
And moved here afterward
They said there'd be more freedom for
Every Shiite, Sunni, and Kurd
But now it's Independence Day
Which feels a bit absurd

Seems to me
I'm not free

'Cause the fireworks, they sparkle
Like shiny bits of snow
And though I'd love to set some off
My mama says it isn't apropos
If I lit off an M-80
I'd end up in Gitmo

Oh whoa whoa
Don't it go

That it's hard
To be a Muslim
On the fourth of July

(?) to a barbecue
I can only stall
'Cause if there's pork, I don't want a fork
Yeah, bitch
You know that shit just ain't the law
And so I cry all night at my personal wailing wall

She gets me

Except today they're only playing "Patton," "Stripes," and "M*A*S*H"
On every single channel
Someone waves the flag
Or blows up in a flash
Are all Americans this dumb
Or just the poor white trash?

The Koran
Says, "Carry on"

But it's hard
To be a Muslim
On the fourth of July

And every villain's just like me
On "24" and "Die Hard 3"
With a towel and a gun and a crazy laugh
I put makeup on from your car
Can't even program my VCR
When I try to tape "Lost," I just get half
And it's impossible to catch up
I have to wait for an encore show
Shit, now I've gotten off-topic, oh goddamn
I don't scream, "Aiaiaiai!" for God
I got no interest in a jihad
Why can't y'all just love me for who I am?

It's hard (It's hard)
Hard (Very hard)
To be a Muslim
On the fourth of July (July, July)

Lyrics submitted by Eamon

It's Hard (to Be a Muslim on the 4th of July) song meanings
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