MISSY CRISTAL: This song's about the time I got arrested.
MC PLEASE AND THANK YOU: Or do you mean that other time? Or... hm. Wait.

It all started, I was walking to the hair salon
Wearing booty shorts, popped some shoes, had a halter on
Car drove past me then real slow pulled to the curb
A man stepped out and asked me, "Would you like to bone?" (Geez)
I said, "I'm on the rag, but I'll go down real slow"
He said, "That'll do," when I got down on my knees, I seen a cop pulled over
"I'm charging you with public indecency." (That's pretty indecent shit, yo)
The day of my trial I wore a skimpy mini with my butt cheeks hangin' out
Lace bra, souture blouse (Tried to persuade the Judge)
Then I thought I shoulda worn somethin' tamer, 'til I heard the Judge say,
"Ma'am, may I see you in my chambers?" (Gonna clean up his act)
The scenario was hot as it started as to unravel (Like a sweater!)
I felt my eyes widen as the Judge took out his gavel
I was propped up on his desk:
"Yeah, right there."
He unrobed and grabbed my breast:
"Uh huh, that's nice."
Before long we were bonin' like skeletons
I know he liked the way my boobs jiggled like gelatin (There's always room for Jell-O!)
After three hours of what I'd like to call deliberation
Had the Judge cummin' like trains to the station
I knew I got off on the case when the Judge got off on my face (Wipe that shit off!)
I didn't think I needed to worry, 'til the Judge said:
"That was nice. But now, you have to convince the jury." (All fuckin' like 14 of them!)
So there I found myself, back in the courtroom
Pussy still sore 'cause the Judge was like a sonic boom
I looked at the jury, all twelve angry men and prick
But I guess it was the gang bang that really swayed the verdict
'Cause I took them all right there, yeah baby, I was hot
You can just imagine the twelve-man mugshot
OLD MAN: W-wait up, guys! *splooge*

So the moral of the story is:
If you get called for jury duty, just go you piece of shit

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