uh hu, Diabolic,
DJ Scully (ha ha)
We 'bout to bring it back,
(man, thats right) Ain't no fuckin' role models.
Uh hu, c'mon lets go.

I paper chase,
but my razer raise the stakes.
I made mistakes,
But at least I ain't make racist tapes.
Face to face y'all can't fuck with me,
So you do shit behind my back,
Like cops handcuffing me.
Now hows it feel waking up fake as fuck?
Cause I'm real,
So I know you don't feel the same as us.
A game you trust his fan and crush your plans,
And take advantage like I'm shoplifting the upper hand.
Puffing grams of haze while I rant and rave,
Tap dancing on land mines, juggling hand grenades.
I wanna pop pigs and split a cops wig,
Drop hits and pop crys', like I shot Big.
And back slap the hardest rock in the parking lot,
And beat him to death,
Like we'd race to see whose heart would stop.
I'm blessed with talent displayed in the bars I drop,
But I don't give a fuck if I become a star or not.
Look how far I got without compromise,
Thinking homicide, looking at my baby mommas eyes.
While snitches squeal I'm real personified,
Living amongst thieves wondering when the honor died.
With an angry mob who got you thankin' God,
But we were sidetracked when we found a bank to rob.
I'll stab and shoot you,
No blanks involved,
And put a bullet in the same place the shank is lodged.
He'll be choking on blood,
The only sound your at peace,
Will be the sink bubbling in the background of the beat.
I'm angry at hip hop,
Cause now its just weak,
But Scully going to bring it back like he found the receipt.
Carjack Tim Westwood, catch a court case,
And fuck up his drop,
Like slick Rick doing four tapes.
I'll make your favorite rapper cancel tour dates,
Like R. Kelly, getting sprayed with a can of pure mace.
So if you in the studio, watch the booth,
Before I cop a squat and drop a deuce on a labels top recruit.
Obnoxious youth with cops in hot pursuit,
Who you think I watched to learn how to cock and shoot?
I'm a liar and a thief,
So murder is instinctive.
Firing the heat,
Like my burners got a ?? Pink Slip ??
I've seen the coldest day broke and paid,
With Satan fucking up the angel on my shoulder blade.
With a loaded gauge I won't just take your life,
I'll father your kids, move in your house and date your wife.
So pray to Christ I don't chug a whole bottle,
And convince the kids I'm the role model to go follow.

Motherfucker, diabolic, foul play motherfucker, DJ Scully,
We gooing to bring it back,

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