Think that I know now whose ghost haunts my kitchen
I feel his footsteps and I hear him breathe
He cries in the night times with hell fire conviction
Best you hold up your head or you’ll never be free
And I read the best words that man’s ever written
But it’s your voice that cries out to me in my dreams
When I last blessed my eyes with the sweetest of visions
When I close my eyes it’s still you that I see

It's you baby, sleep on my floor boards, you smoked up all my deals
It's you baby, and I dream of something more but I wake to a dream

And I gave her my soul the night I saw her naked
I gave her a green but I’ll guild it with coke
And I cooked her the best food that she’d ever tasted
But the girl just wants to get wasted

Ooooh bah bah dah bah bah dah bah bah dah that’s my baby
Ooooh bah bah dah bah bah dah bah bah dah but she’s crazy

It's you baby, sleep on my floor boards you smoked up all my deals
It's you baby, and I dream of something more but I wake to a dream

So pull out the needle and thread and start stitching
So stitch me right up so that I cannot see
'Cos I think that I know now whose ghost haunts my kitchen

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Rose Pickles song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is absolutely beautiful. pulls at your heartstrings

    the guy is obviously smitten with a girl who isnt on the same emotional level or doesnt want to commit- ( just wants to get wasted )

    so all he can do is to heal his wounds (stitch me right up) and realize that she wasnt all she was cracked up to be (i know now whose ghost haunts my kitchen)
    honeyb77on August 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentsorry honeyb, not even close
    this song is about cloudstreet.
    the characters name is rose pickles;
    the house is haunted (the footsteps)
    and she is in love with Fish; who was nearly killed in an accident and 'never returned'
    Fish sobs because he is so upset he got revived (cries in the night time)
    and Rose is infatuated with him

    Her mother is a drunk. Rose has the mmothering role. Shes seen her mother have sex too many times.

    She dreams of a better life with Fish, and in the end he gives her the greatest gift of all.
    miss_viciouson September 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI was surprised to find Custom Kings on here seeing as they're are relatively unknown though they are awesome.
    miss vicious is right. I didn't know the meaning behind the song until a few days ago when I started reading Cloudstreet and the name Rose Pickles opened the first chapter.

    It's a really beautiful book and the song is beautiful to match, haunting and really sweet. The woman's ghostly voice at the beginning and the sound of cicada's all the way through are so perfect for the song and the story. I don't think it's just my hearing, isn't the second line/second verse 'I gave her a green bottle gilded with gold' doesn't make sense the way it's written at any rate.

    Also 'the girl just wants to get wasted' could both be talking about her mother's drinking habit and also the periods when Rose starves herself = won't eat the food and becomes wasted.
    'I read the best words the mans ever written' seems to be commenting on her relationship with Toby and how though he was intellectual and a way escape from her past, she still always came back to Cloudstreet.
    BeeAnchoron September 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWow this is so cool!

    I just started reading Cloudstreet last night, and the first two words I saw were 'Rose Pickles' and Im like 'I LOVE THAT SONG!!'

    Its so good to know theyre interrelated, thats cool :D
    chelseafcroxon February 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI haven't read the book but I'm thinking I'll have to now. From what I've heard tho I think it sounds like the song can be interprited in different ways. For me this song is about a boy who likes a girl and can't stop thinking about her
    "well I read the best words that mans ever writen by it's your voice that cries out to me in my dreams"
    No matter what it means it's still an awsome song and one of my favorites :)
    Harlson December 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love it when artists do songs based on books, like kate bush with 'wuthering heights'. One of my favourite songs, I have to get the book out from the library!
    millroyon September 06, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti think the green bottle gilded with gold could be when quick and rose re-meet in the boat after tobys party and she gets drunk, the first time they have sex..
    ktoron November 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree with honeyb for the most part. I think the line 'I read the best words that man's ever written' is the bit that refers to Cloudstreet, maybe he was reading it at the time and thinks the girl is a bit like Rose or something. Anyway i don't think you can really make it fit to Rose's story, I mean it's obviously from a male perspective for one. Is Rose the girl that just wants to get wasted? Doesn't seem likely... I think there's more to it.
    inspkton December 16, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationThis Song By the Custom Kings, is Infact an adaption from Tim Winton's "CloudStreet". The Different verses of the song all reflect upon a particular character and the personification of the house and it's role in establishing the unity within the Two Families. The beginning of the song immediately portrays Rose's Situation by labeling the kitchen as "my kitchen", immediately expressing the maternal role forced upon Rose due to Dolly's obsessive drinking. "I hear his footsteps and I hear him breathe" overshadows the lifelessness of Fish after his accident and the separation of his other half. The "Magic-Realism" of the Play, Book and Now- Miniseries, the song is rightfully adapted. Within the Book, The house is personified as being alive and having a dark, depressing past. The Ghostly "Female" Voice throughout the play linking itself to the Ghosts inhabiting the house of Number 1 Cloudsteet. Throughout the entirety of the play/novel/miniseries, the characters wish to escape from the house, and their own reality. Quick Physically escaping, Dolly submerging herself in alcohol and sex and Oriel living outside of the tent, with Oriel stating to the house "What do you want from me?". The mentioning of Drugs establishes their desire to escape, as in contemporary cultures, drugs are used as a means to escape reality.. "I gave her the best food that she'd ever tasted," describes the new experience of "love" and "unit" valued by Winton through his description of "the whole restless mob of us". Rose's anorexia is portrayed by the Custom Kings establishing that "She wants to get wasted", a subconscious phrase in which Rose wastes away due to her starvation.
    The House itself speaks through the song "you sleep on my floorboards" reminds listeners of the House's surreal lively appearance and actions. The Final verse itself can be interpreted as being spoken through the house, to "Stitch me up" means to unite the bonds between the two families, and relinquish the depression that has for so long lingered in the house.

    The Final Line "I think I know whose Ghost haunts my kitchen", relates to the main character Fish. For those who have not read the book or play "cloudstreet", it begins with Fishes death and rebirth, through the Miracle in which Fish is torn from himself in the water, and his constant desire to be whole again.

    In Short the Verses can be interpreted as followed:
    -The First Verse spoken through the words of Rose, interpreted by "i've read the best words that man's ever written," Rose having read the whole town library. But also portrayed by "But it's your voice that cries out to me in my dreams," Rose's initial love for Fish.
    -The Second Verse, Fifth and Sixth, are most likely spoken through the house. The House throughout the entirety of the Play And Book Being personified as a "living" "Breathing" thing.
    -The Third Verse is infact Quick, Rose's Love. "I gave her my soul the night i saw her naked." The two were bound together in the windowless room, as they purged the house of the ghosts by their love. The room previously experiencing death inside, this foreign emotion of "love" repelling them.

    And that's the interpretation I have come up with after a month of analysis of The Book/Play and only recently the Mini-Series. I Hope i've shed some light on it.
    AmbientAllStaron June 05, 2011   Link

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