"Real Recognize Real (The Pillz)" as written by Wasalu Jaco, Harvey W. William Jr. Mason and Kenneth Jay Mason....
[Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, Food & Liquor
Yeah, my man said he wanted something real,
Real, real, real, real
Something he could recognize, something he could feel,
Feel, feel, feel, feel
Baby girl said she was in the mood for something real,
Real, real, real, real
Something that could make her move
Something she could feel, feel, feel, feel

Lust, sometimes can override trust
She said that's why she gave it up
My man said blood spilled out of everything he touched
He crushed everything he crushed
Ruined everything he loved, he just wanted to rush
Blamed it on the times being rough
Doing dirt, with the devil, chasing after the dust
Make a fuss, if it's them, but we hush, if it's us

That's why, my momma said she wanted something real,
Real, real, real, real
Something she could be proud of, something she could feel,
Feel, feel, feel, feel
She said they so used to not having nothing real,
Real, real, real.. real
That they don't know how to act
They don't know how to feel, feel, feel, feel

Life, ain't meant to come around twice
Yeah, that's why I gotta get it right
They said I got it honest now I gotta give it life
But sleep on it, that's why God give you night
I mean, I had a dream that, God gave me flight
Too fly for my own good so, God gave me plight
If I wake up in the morning now I gotta give 'em sight
Make 'em see, break 'em free, ain't a G, sho' you right

The game is not to give 'em nothing real,
Real, real, real, real
Nothing they could use, nothing that they could feel,
Feel, feel, feel, feel
Give 'em a bunch of lies and teach 'em that it's real,
Real, real, real, real
So that's all that they a-know
That's all that they a-feel, feel, feel, feel

Struggle, yeah yeah, another sign that God love you
Cause on the low, being po', make you humble
Keep they names in my rhymes to try and keep them out of trouble
Cause being po', also teach you how to hustle
All they want is some shoes or some rims for they bubble
Now that I got my own, I can hit them with a couple
Cuff, my homies so they ain't got no reason to cuff you
That's my plan, if I can, on the man, up above you

That's why, I gotta give 'em something real,
Real, real, real, real
Something they could recognize, something they could feel,
Feel, feel, feel, feel
To my homies on the block I gotta give 'em something real,
Real, real, real, real
Something that'll make 'em stop
Something they can feel, feel, feel, feel

Yo! For real, really real, yeah!
Know what it is, woo!
Baby girl said she was in the mood for something real,
Real, real, real, real
Let's go!

[Sarah Green]
So real, so real

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"Real" as written by Kenneth Jay Mason Harvey W. William Jr. Mason

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Real Recognize Real (The Pillz) song meanings
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    General Commentthese will be the character in the cool, the game and streets are quite obvious, what the 'cool' is is harder.

    and the personification is amzing
    Lm_wfcon November 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think The Cool did get a mention in this one, though.
    "Here lies, with Xs in his eyes,
    The unguided, misdirected
    Squad cars roll past and laugh"

    The Cool was dead at the start of his own song. Could just be coincidence, though.
    Wulfreignson November 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentya ur right the x in the eyes thing is about the cools death but if anybody got the new cd he does have a song about each character

    the die - the cool
    streets on fire - the streets
    put you on game - the game

    by the way all the characters are in the superstar music video
    darkliteon March 20, 2008   Link
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    General Commentyou're so correct.........lol! you guys are so smart.
    its all there.
    flyysince89on April 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentL: The dollar bill will exorcize all ills,
    E: Money can buy you happiness.

    L: Frauds is thoroughly camouflaged,
    E: Fake hustlers and gangsters (like some rappers) are good at maintaining the image that they are what they say they are.

    L: Proceeds go towards the buying of caprice classics
    E: Money made from drug deals gets you a car famous for being drove by people who sell drugs. (large trunk space, highly customizable.)

    L: With the wheels to match it
    E: Painting rims the same color as your car is also a trend.

    L: So they can mack it
    Like an automatic weapon,

    E: Mac-10 and 11 are automatic weapons, Mack as in exploit or show off.

    L: Here lies, with X's in his eyes,
    E: large X signs in the eyes of the deceased is a classic cartoon representation of death (made popular again by the graffiti artist KAWS.)

    L: Squad cars roll past and laugh
    E: Content and happy with their deeds, they mock the drug dealer and laugh with a feeling of accomplishment.

    L: They say The Streets is a demon in a dress
    with dollar signs in her eyes
    and semen on her breath

    E: You know how old people say that the devil works through drugs? That's the demon in the dress part. All she sees is money, not people, and instantly thinks of how to exploit them out of every penny they have. She sucks dick.

    L: Scantily clad, no panties, deep-throating in an alley
    Aging badly, in sunglasses she's pretty

    E: Uses her attractiveness to lure men, and openly shows her *ahem* goodies. due to her over-use of illegal substances, he ages badly. she looks good though because you can't see her eyes and the bags under them (louis vuitton probably)

    L: Sprinkling greed, ignorance and envy
    inside of a philly

    E: Weed is commonly put in philly blunt wrappers to hide what they're actually smoking and for flavor. He's saying weed makes you greedy , ignorant, and envious of other people's belongings, which it does.

    L: Hennesy tears, ass will bring your enemies here
    Flirt with your flaws, till you run up in the raw

    E: pay attention to this! it's referenced later to the song "The Coolest" on his second album. (she would cry just so I could drink the tears from her eyes) hitting that'll make you lots of enemies, just like a love affair with the streets can get you on the bad side of the law. She taps into your bad side and makes you reveal your worst traits until you start selling drugs for her.

    L: They say The Game has the belly of a beast
    Blunts for fingers and hollow-tips for teeth
    Wire-taps for ears, Nike airs for feet
    blasphemy for prayers

    E: The Game is a horrible thing. Everything he touches becomes addicted. his bite can cut through bullet proof vests. He hears all and knows all. has popular shoes for feet. sin is his religion.

    L: A system for a heart, rap music for beats
    Heroin for a son and is married to The Streets
    Crack pipes for lungs

    E: The same old ignorant rap lyrics bumped through a sound system is is heart. Heroin is his offspring, and has a ho of a wife. he breathes more crack on the streets when they make love.

    L: And he never sleeps, just spies
    with dice in his eyes
    Loves life 'cause he likes when it dies
    With a baking soda soul,
    he coughs up pleasure
    E: The game doesn't rest or stop. Everything he sees is just a game for him. his life is to make others happy...for a price.

    L: clothes made out of dollar bills that he sewed together
    he knows, he's clever,
    Jealous (is) his house, all the liquor that's poured out
    goes right in his mouth

    E: he's dressed in what the street desires most to keep her with him. he lives in a house that everyone wants. liq that you pour on the streets in dedication to his homies she gives straight to him to drink.

    L: And he's known to ride around with the Feds, out there

    E: He plays both sides always. He has all his bases covered and is on more than just one team.

    But, Righteousness is a father teaching his kids
    that's what's better than wealth
    is a respecting of self
    A pistol packing old lady
    standing up to the dope dealers on the block
    making sure her presence is felt
    A teacher teaching that thinking is cool,
    Listen before you mention,
    Not let in school turn them into fools
    Keeping God first, Lupe is here
    FnF up, homie, I'll see you out there.
    kamikaze-boyon July 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so amazing. So much room for interpretation! Sorry for not commenting about the meaning...I wanna know where you can get it. Is it on a mixtape? Which one? please email me. mitchelldawkins@gmail.com thanks.
    mdprhson December 06, 2009   Link

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