I can’t believe the news today.
I can’t close my eyes and make it go away.
How long? How long must we sing this song?
How long? How long? ‘

Cause tonight we can be as one. Tonight. Broken bottles under children’s feet.
Bodies strewn across a dead end street.
But I won’t heed the battle call.
It puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall.

Sunday Bloody Sunday. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

And the battles just begun.
This many lost, but tell me who has won?
The trench is dug within our hearts. Mothers, children, brothers, sisters, torn apart.

Sunday Bloody Sunday. Sunday Bloody Sunday.
How long? How long must we sing this song? How long? How long? ‘Cause tonight we can be as one. Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. Tonight.

Sunday Bloody Sunday. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Wipe your tears away. Wipe your tears away. Wiper your tears away. Wipe your tears away.

And it’s true we are immune.
When fact is fiction and TV: reality.
And today the millions cry.
We eat and drink while tomorrow, they die.
And the real battles just begun to claim the victory Jesus won on Sunday Bloody Sunday. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

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Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 cover) song meanings
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    General CommentAMAZING cover. Wow.
    Bowieon November 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's amazing how this song was taken from a personal telling of Bloody Sunday during The Troubles in Ireland to a song about here and now, and I think that signifies just how pain can transcend time. No matter the era, we'll all have our bloody sundays.

    Trent Reznor's influence is very obvious in this song, to the point that it almost sounds like a Nine Inch Nails track in the beginning. However, the background vocals ("oh, oh, oh, oh") and the second half of this ballad remind me of a Marley track.

    Saul has managed to bring about the passion and deep-rooted soul that Bob himself made so famous, with a bit of NIN's dirty cog-in-the-machine feel and his own personal mood-setting vocals, all wrapped up in a package that defines just where Saul Williams is going with his music.

    And I, for one, am excited.
    MonickerLon November 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis site is called SONG MEANINGS. you should try, ya know, writing what you think the song is about.
    Alexis507on November 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI was an exchange student to Brazil when I was 16. Up until that point in my life the ONLY music I listened to was Hip Hop. That year away was pivotal, not only because I was at the heights of puberty in Brazil....but also because it exposed me to more music than I ever cared to listen to: along with all the Brazillian music which I still treasure: Sinead O'Conner. Morrisey. New Order. Depeche Mode. And definitely U2. The first time I heard Sunday Bloody Sunday, I was in a club in Manaus which is a city in the middle of the Amazon. When I heard those drums come through the speakers I was hooked. I think they had played Blue Monday right before it. The kids were going wild. I remember watching this dude dance, wishing I was as cool as him. That song stuck with me. I suggested it to Trent as a possible cover thinking he would hate it as an obvious choice. He loved the idea and started working on the music immediately. The only music I added to his composition ( aside from my O O O O Ode to Beyonce.....just kidding) was the 808s. What's the use of a hip hop head covering a famous rock song without using 808s?
    -Saul Williams
    laurelinwyntreon November 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentVery good cover, depressing, I dont think he failed at all
    maffy06on February 07, 2008   Link
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    My OpinionThe sign of a good cover is using the exact same words and meaning a totally different thing.
    Irish repression to hobos/slums/ghettos. I mean U2 IMO opinion is one of the greatest bands out there, but if I was Bono and heard this, I'd be damn proud. This is like Cash covering NIN's Hurt. Both versions of this (and Hurt) absolutely kick serious ass.
    SamuraiTedon November 17, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song gives me a headache. why cover this, when the original does exactly what this one fails to do? that is,the original is, you know, enjoyable to listen to.
    sortileguson December 11, 2007   Link

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