i have a friend and when he sings, i cry
all the memories inside try to rebirth and give me life
but i can't talk about old times tonight
'cause round here the light stays off all the time

it's seven o'clock
i already feel late
all the pain from my stress are beating my chest
about decisions i've had to make
well i breathe in light
and i breathe out light
run my hands through my hair, see my breath in the air
oh, i'm so tired of running

when all your bad boys have gone sour
and you're shivering, cold and alone in a shower
oh baby that soap won't make you clean
screaming at jesus just to let you bleed

it's seven-thirty
i can smell the candles burning
i could go to sleep now
i'll just wait till morning
when the melodies come and sing me stories
all the birds that can talk
no, they're never boring

there's nothing like hearing that girl cry on the receiver
and your stomach hurts so bad 'cause you think you need her
so you down that cough syrup
you love feeling so screwed up
and you crawl up those stairs and read yourself to sleep
yeah, you crawl up those steps and sing yourself to peace

it's eight o'clock
she didn't eat today
yeah, hurting herself's never felt this great
well you see that green hill, friend
that's where i'm gonna be
watching glory coming in the form of morning

i was found on that dark hillside
with a certain painting by my side
screaming: knock down the house of regret

knock it down, pave it over
till you feel younger and younger
knock it down, pave it over
till you feel like you're a kid again
knock it down, pave it over
till your heart's warmer and warmer
knock it down, pave it over
till you wake up born again

[ed: appreciate any further working input/ corrections! much tks to geesecantdance.]

Lyrics submitted by solvent_d

House of Regret song meanings
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    General CommentOk... Im not sure if these are correct but I think the only words that are wrong are...
    rebirth and make me fly-- rebirth and give me life
    already feel ache/rage- feel late (?)
    well every in-lie-- well I breathe in light
    and every ally-- and I breathe out light (?)
    soap will make-- soap won't make
    you are feeling-- you love feeling so screwed up
    yeah, her and herself never felt this great- hurting herself...
    till your hearts (?)-- till your heat's warmer and warmer

    Like I said Im not positive about them but thats what it sounds like to me!! I LOVE this song!!!!
    geesecantdanceon November 16, 2007   Link
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    General Comment>>> geesecantdance

    tks a lot for the input! really helped clear out most of the ambuiguity :) i've amended most of the lyrics to what you've provided, because it seems to make enough sense. tks again.

    p/s: cute nick.
    solvent_don December 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAt a concert Preston said, "This song is for anyone who ever grew up in a house."
    TheStoryIsInTheSoilon August 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYes, great song...love when he sings.. its seven thirty.. i can smell the candles burning.. incredible.. but yea hes obviously talking about himself in this song..
    cromeo8294on December 26, 2009   Link
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    General Comment'cause round here blue light stays up all the time --> 'cause round here the lights stay off all the time.

    knock it down, pave it over
    till you feel like you can't again --> Can't should be kid
    loveUregardlesson January 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI really like this song!

    I have a few lyric corrections; they make much difference because they dont change the song meaning, but:
    1. threw my breath in the air = see my breath in the air
    2. you crawl up those steps = you crawl up those stairs

    Thank you so much for posting this song! <3
    girlwloveon November 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI have heard this song thousands of times, and it still gives me shivers. When they get to the end of the song (my favorite part) and start screaming "Knock Down the House of regret" it brings tears to my eyes. Pretty self explanatory though. He's saying free yourself from the guilt you feel about all the things in your life that in the grand scheme of things are really out of your control. Just live. Don't ponder things from your past too much because regret can become a house we build for ourselves to live in, so knock it down and pave it over, til you're born anew.
    crazyfool11190on March 08, 2012   Link

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