"Valjean" as written by Jon Parker, Brady Murphy, Kyle Benecke, Jake Stefek and Josh Ferrie....
Hate for hate
I bear corruption in my name
This life brings nothing but disdain
This world a grave filled with disease,
on a condemned humanity.
Where is your God of love and peace?
He has left me.
I spit in the face of compassion,
Mercy is for the weak,
Kindness, a fairy tale that helps you
get a good night's sleep.
I have seen humanity's true form.
Wicked, depraved and hellbound.
We are corrupt. Full of deceit.
(So filled with) - Hate for hate
striking back with vengeance
Revenge, my only allegiance,
in a world that mocks my existence.
God, can you hear your creation?
Surrounded by forces bent on my destruction.
They call my name. Expose my shame.
But a voice of comfort, and a face of love
shattered this cold and callous soul.
I've seen forgiveness in its truest form.
It brought surrender to this internal war.
Cleansed forever, from my redemption

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    General CommentValjean is a wood cutter in Faverolles who, when his parents died, looks after his sister and her seven children. In 1795, when resources become scarce, Valjean steals a loaf of bread from a local baker, he is caught and imprisoned for five years in the Bagne of Toulon, the Toulon prison, and assigned the number 24601 which is branded onto his arm. He attempts to escape four times, and is punished by being imprisoned for fourteen more years. Finally, after nineteen years in the prison, he is released, but must, by law, carry a yellow passport that announces his imprisonment.

    When Valjean is back in the world, he is turned away by every inn due to his yellow passport. He is taken in by Bishop Myriel, a kind-hearted old clergyman, in the town of Digne. The bishop trusts Valjean, feeds him supper, and gives him a bed for the night.

    During the night, he awakens and steals the bishop's silverware and silver plates, and runs off into the night. He is arrested and brought back to the bishop. However, the Bishop tells the policemen that the silver was a gift and sends them on their way, giving Valjean his silver candlesticks in addition. The Bishop tells Valjean to use the silver wisely and become a new man. Still bitter and not understanding what the bishop is talking about, that afternoon he steals a five-franc piece from a chimney sweep, Petit Gervais. After doing the deed, he is horror-struck at what he has done. He tries to find the boy but is unsuccessful. He begins a new life.

    Taken from Wikipedia
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