"Shine Over Babylon" as written by Bill Bottrell, Sheryl Crow, Brian S. Macleod and Eric N Schermerhorn....
I walked the heat of seven hills
Endless talk of losing wills
Great highways in a constant melt
Men and women and children all have overbuilt

Buying bread and paying for none
Creatures of a waning sun
Teacher's hands are overrun
Clowns and gypsies all but gone

(You make me wanna)
Shine over Babylon
(You make me wanna)
Shine over Babylon

Freedoms etched on Sacred pillars
Hollow stones of mindless filler
Can lead to madman oil drillers
Won't be long before we all are killers

Little boy lost way up the mountains
Cities drowning under boiling fountains
I dreamed of chilly, sunlit days
I was trembling in a golden haze


We celebrate the golden cow
Praise the bloated bank account
If there's a God where is he now
The precipice is slipping further out

Sanskrit message from the mounts
Leave your possession, hope abounds
There's nothing here for you to cry about
We're all just followers from here on out

I take the stage, I walk the planks
I sing these songs with little thanks
I wait for shouts from crazy cranks
I stand amidst the brown shirt ranks

I found my way to Alexandria
Where gurus bubble up on ganga
Scavengers, they run up and hand ya
All the junk that should have damned ya


If everything in life was free
You'd float in your own reverie
The things that you could never see
Seal the gap between you and me

[Chorus: x2]

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"Shine Over Babylon" as written by Sheryl Crow Bill Bottrell

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    General CommentThis song gives me chills when I hear it- it's got such soul, so many stories behind it, you can just tell. In a broad sense, it's about the journeys we take in life, about the things we see, about the struggles and attempts we make.

    Some parts are a bit more specific, like the "madman oiler drillers"- could be Bush, could be people who don't care about the environment, could be a reference to Iraq... but to me, this song is about so many things, about an attitude towards life from someone who's seen a lot.
    whateverlolawantson November 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is obviously about the environment, and in a way, the economy. "Buying bread and paying for none, creatures of a waning sun," is such a great lyric about us as americans, we spend more than we save, and do it on a whim. This song is a great way to show the turbulent times we live in, while I may disagree with many of her liberal viewpoints, I think we can all agree that global warming, the need to get off fossil fuels, and save more than we spend are great ways to "Shine Over Babylon."
    jessetcallon February 13, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is by far one of the best lyrical songs I have heard in awhile. I think it is a call to open up your eyes and see what is going on around us, this obviously points to politics and the world around us. I also think though you could view this song in all aspects of life, just open your eyes to simple things going on in your daily life, just all my opinion though. This song truly is lyrically a great one.
    jdfan14on December 03, 2008   Link

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