The sand falling with a rustle Is making this wound even deeper
It won't become a scab The ugliness of this wound increases

To the point that its torn to pieces without any mercy
You scratched me saying "I don't know you anymore"
Even though I embraced you who was dishing it out
From when? From where? Was it me who strayed from the path?
I don't know anything at all anymore ... Who am I?

Under the winter sky, you kissed me
"It hurts to be with you already..."
Theres nothing I can do with that reason
The tears won't stop without a place to go

Your cage that won't open The rusty key won't catch
It sometimes resounds The painful corrupted sounds
Get your mind

Someone, even if its a lie, anything will do
Tell me that this is a dream
Searching for help with this clattering voice
Should I just die?

Your voice resounds deeply in my ears
The end laughed and quietly watched me there...

I've lived with you the two of us
I'm too scared of living by myself already
"We can't return to that time?..."
I can't embrace you with your head hung down

Is it too late?
Is it too late?
Please give me tomorrow...

Lyrics submitted by LivvyNIGHTMARE

Tsumeato -english- [Claw Marks] song meanings
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