Kamillion Stilez speaks
2Pac & Britney Spears talk & laugh

[verse 1 - Kamillion Stilez]
I told Britney Spears
To kiss me here
Let's get nasty
Then I'll disappear

I'm sippin a beer
Talkin bout the chick of the year
Blackin out
Britney's lookin thick in the rear

That curve is stacked
Which way
do you want it
I prefer the back

See I hurt it bad, till
I murder that
Tomorrow you'll be needin percocet
Now can you work with that?

And can you handle me?
You know we'll
Have the bed jumpin
Like a trampoline

In the sack, you'll be
Screamin out random things
Shakin that butt
Like a tamborine

She's tellin me, "Gimmie Some More"
Like she's Busta Rhymes
I can tell from here eyes
That we'll crush tonight

And I know that she'll
Get me to bone,
To the press
"Please leave Britney alone!"

[Bridge - Britney Spears]
We can get down
Like there's no one around
We keep on rockin
We keep on rockin

Cameras are flashin
While we're dirty dancin
We keep on rockin
We keep on rockin
It's like the crowd is sayin

[Chorus - Britney Spears]
Gimme gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme (Uh)
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme (Uh)
Gimme gimme more

[verse 2 - 2Pac]
Now I can make miracles
with tempos, it's instrumental
Written for the nymphos,
That's the intro

Shook when you rushed me,
Walked up and touched me
Why Do you
Wanna fuck me?

Just cause I'm paid
In the worst way? True
Lookin kind of good
In your birthday suit

I wonder if you're
Wild and you act shy
Do you like to be on top
Or the back side?

Watch when you
Lick yo' lips
Shake yo' hips
God damn, I love that shit

Now let's stop fakin,
Be real now
I got a room and a hard-on,
Still down?

Met you standin at a
Bar full of black dudes
Say you wanna see my
Scar and my tattooes

When we headed for my hideout,
Act right
Boss playa when I ride out,
That's right

[Kamillion Stilez]
Baby Gimme Some Mo

[chorus - Britney Spears] 1x

[verse 3 - Kamillion Stilez]
If you fuck with me that'll
Probably make it
Worse on your
Custody battle

Either way we're gonna
End up in the saddle
If you're at my house late night
Don't think that we're here to play scrabble

I'ma hit it like a paddle
Do I smoke marijuana?
NO, but I dabble
See I'm livin real fat

Similiar to cattle,
If we end up in a pool
Skinny dippin, girl
You know I won't tattle, cause uh

You've been makin mad noise
In the tabloids
Similiar to B.I.G.
I'm a bad boy

Love the way you shook it
At the VMAs
You're a freak
You know its in your DNA

To shake T&A
Type of girl that don't wear no panties
Type of girl that'll flash her punanny
Kamillion Stilez is Fresh like Manny
Baby gimmie some mo

[Chorus - Britney Spears] 1x

[Outro Kamillion Stilez & 2Pac]

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