Ghosts of forever ride the pale twilight
Teller of the tale lives beneath the ice
Shadow of the haunter creeps within our sight
As we lay sleeping... Horror

Shunned dead city in the acrid cold
Thawed out the specimens as the blood unfolds
Blasts uncover terrors that shouldn't be
Elder race lives... Arkham

Expedition through the titan mountains
Sepulchre unveils beings arcane
Things uncovered make the men insane
Embrace our madness

The blood I shed for you was divine
So turn you face and leave it denied
I call your name in the cold of the night
Now you've become the serpent's spine

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The Face of Oblivion song meanings
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    General CommentA depiction of "At The Mountains Of Madness" by H.P. Lovecraft, one of his longer stories which involves an expedition to the south pole (all the "cold" references in the song), where the main characters discover an ancient cave harboring the remains of the Old ones (elder race in the song), and some other things which i wont reveal as not to spoil your reading :D

    The last bit has me puzzled though, far as i can figure, it's written from the perspective of prof. Lake, one of the characters in the book. Lake dissects the things, "sheds divine blood" and all the while the main character is back in the main base where it's safe, "leaves it denied". Lake calls his name in the middle of the night maybe (the main character's), and he becomes the serpent's spine (ignores him maybe, is cold towards him).

    Sorry if i spoiled someone's reading pleasure :) i tried to reveal as least as possible.
    fich0on October 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentKinda did spoil it. I can never seem to finish that story, but I knew that thats what the song was about. But as for the last part, I thought Matt Pike just thre something in there, somehow letting go of his frustrations, I didn't know it was a reference to the story. Hey! Maybe it serves as both a depiction and something Matt Pike could relate with.
    M60AK47M79M134on August 27, 2008   Link

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