"Object" as written by and Aaron Freeman Michael Melchiondo....
You?re just an object to me
I?d like to get to know you better
Paste you across my body
You?re just an object to me

you?re just a piece of meat
And I am the butcher
I love you better, love you forever
You?re just an object to me

why sit in the shade
Drink what we made from our lovers cup
Dreams don?t always come when you fall asleep
You?re just an object to me

I?m gonna do something wrong
Nobody?s gonna like it
But I?ve got my pride and my time isn?t free
You?re just an object to me

you?re just an object to me
I feel a little better
They found your sweater
You?re just an object to me

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"Object" as written by Michael Melchiondo Aaron Freeman

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    General CommentThis is by far the most beautiful song ever written from the point of view of a psychopathic murderer singing to his most recent victim. Brilliant!
    tronkon November 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think you guys have this song all wrong. This is clearly about a guy who lost a woman he loved deeply and now he is consoling himself by "butchering" her memory. He is trying to say that men only degrade and demean women because deep down women mean everything to them. All that shit about pride and finding her sweater. He is saying that men often find consolation from their broken hearts by being raging bigots. BTW this is totally true and women do it too. "He's a dog or a rat etc". The guy writing the song is trying to convince himself that the girl is just a ho...but no such luck. Still he longs for her. I actually consider this song very romantic.
    Milkypearlon April 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think Gener himself said it was inspired by watching shows like CSI in an interview. It is about murder but I think what he's trying to drive at is how twisted yet tender that mind state can be. Sort of like the Stephen King short story, "The Man Who Loved Flowers". That part in almost everyone when it comes to love. How thin the line can be between love, obsession, possessiveness, and madness. Obviously murder isn't cool and Gener isn't advocating it. He's trying to get to that raw nerve in almost everyone when it comes to the dark side of love, by pairing lyrics about murder with the sounds of a tender ballad. I think everyone can relate to thinking darker thoughts because of love than they'd ever act on. This song explores that.

    The bridge is good and yeah, sort of Beatlesque. It's a minor song with a major bridge that resolves back to the minor with a major 3rd accidental. Creating that great augmented 5th note. The "shade" in "why sit in the shade".
    rufonzon November 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is fucked up, i like it.
    joetheshowon October 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhat about this one:
    Not speaking in metaphors here or at least not in "out-there" or "stretch-of-thought" but rather taking it as something you think about visually and in direct correlation with what the words are saying.
    If we think of it this way then we could say that it is about a man cheating on somebody/somebody cheating on their spouse (or what have you) with him.

    "You're just an object to me" - The hooker is nothing to him but an object
    "I'd like to get to know you better" - I wanna be inside of you sexxxing you up (laymen terms of course)
    Saying paste in the next line in order to keep the idea of it being an almost inanimate object, following immediately and not in just the same verse but the same line that he/she is an object.
    "Just a piece of meat" and "I am a butcher" all point to how this particular hooker or person is just an object and that he is so detached from him/her ("it") that he cares not what happens to them/it after he is done (they are sold) (alternatively what I said about the first two-three lines could be put in conjunction with the serial or psychopathic killer theory [the first of mine to be honest])
    "Why sit in the shade?" - in the car doing their thing
    "Drink what we made from a lover's cup" - drinking wine or champagne (a drink treated typically as a "special occasion" between lovers or dating peoples) and "lover's cup" meaning that it is the significant other of the person saying it so it is a lover's cup and not just a regular cup (most likely a wine glass or the like) Putting it together asking why he brought this cup because it may be that it is bringing about memories of him and his lover
    "Dreams don't always come when you fall asleep" - Her dreams of prestige or his dreams of a happy and wondrous marriage
    "I'm gonna do something wrong" - Cheating or getting the hooker and sharing the cup etc
    "Nobody's gonna like it" - His wife/children/family/God/Church/Friends & etc.
    "But I've got my pride, and my time isn't free, you're just an object to me." - Nigga needs to get laid and he has to get back home to his wife or whatever. That or flip this Entire interpretation to where instead it is from a prostitutes mentality, but that seems ever a further stretch than this one.
    "I feel a little better" - Got laid but still feels bad about his marriage and the fact of his cheating ways
    "They found your sweater" - The wife or family found the sweater.

    Sorry if that was a little hard to follow but you know I writing it on the fly.
    All this was another way to look at it.
    Really, if you know anything about music and artists and what they are trying to say and how and us the on lookers and amateur interpreters of such artists, you must know that you HAVE to look at the album in it's entirety. With that being said it is a little hard for me to believe that this truly about a murderer, because the rest of the songs are, in my views, about degrading, then coming together, reproducing, and love. Friends (Friends), Lust (Big Blue Balloon), then fuck buddies (Object), then trying to feel for one another (Learning to Love), then more sexual frustration and degrading (My Own Bare Hands-here the man winds), then spiritually together (Spirit Walker), then argumentative-loving type deal (Shamemaker-Here the man lost), then infatuation and doting love remembering how it was (Sweetheart in the Summer), then sweet nothing to bed-time/baby (Lullaby), then unity (Women and Man-trying to make the relationship work), and finally a happy ending after a lovely party (Your Party).

    Blah, sorry that was long it's just my ideas on the whole thing. Erm, Fiesta.. I dunno Fiesta s just cool hahaha.
    corderoon February 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is fuggin' rules. DAMN YOU WEEN!
    vikesfan953on October 28, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti thought it was all just sexual metaphors like that when the speakers going to butcher her (or possibly him i guess) he just means hes gonna sex her real hard. but then the sweater line kinda points to the murderer idea.
    lakevillainon November 27, 2007   Link
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    General Comment...paste you across my body...

    i think this relates to the movie "the silence of the lambs"
    the murderer is tailoring a new whole-body-skin for himself
    hyperion70on February 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI guess everyone has caught on to the serial killer aspect. I love how the bridge sounds so melodically beatlesque. This is definately a beautiful song regardless of how sick and twisted it is.
    acarpenterdesignon April 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentActually I thought it said "drink what we've made from a lovers CUM"...maybe I'm wrong..listen and see what it sounds like I guess...
    acarpenterdesignon April 15, 2008   Link

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