they couldnt slice through the calm with the knife in his palm
they rather die again than try to thaw the ice in his walk
taught to fight with his wits but aint no writin him off
who hiked the icy abyss to strike the lightning with psalms
and all he might be is the frighteningest unlikeliest being
the red rider might not
who wants to fight him to see
between the hightening screams the bloody fight is his steed
the speed of light like to spill your life twice in the street
beneath his knife he can sight a weakness slice it like steam
drink the cream of fear hear the shrieks of pikes in the stream
with rusty icy spikes as his teeth
his hands is his eyes
and made of sand to swing his scythe to the wheat
the beast he ride breathin chaff sings and laughs at the masters of war
disasterous roar your likes is his feet
unrighteous retreat the mighty defeated from lightning beamin from his sword gleemin orange
and formin white from the heat
of his pheonixish stare whats there to reap the feindishest mare
prepare to sleep and be the air that bares his life when he breathes
tightening reach bleachin bones life from the seems
streakin lightning streaks to shrink you home right where you blink

you better write what you think and better think what you write
think is it tight enough to repeat when you plead for your life
recite it meek as fuck or deep enough to flee from his flight
or be the reaped in the wind to see the thief in the night

they couldnt blast through the grass on the path that he stalks
they rather die again then witness tracks of ash that he walks
gaseous nostrils seething hostil laugh the cracks in his thought
brought the wrath apostles talked seething acid and salt
catch your breath fire red stag laughin after you
shadow that the battleship castes over smashed canoes
hooves dabbed in drool bruised stabbin cruel
stomach have to excuse the tools
just passin through
your blackish glue
fuelin matches
fuming wax caccoons
strike your light back to christ and then smash your tombs
through the sith hits review your life in blacks and blues
relaxing cool then flash back to you the splashing pool
gaggin ooze and loosing grasp on his gouging blade
drowding in you hopin hooves can put you out your pain
flamin sword singing flesh through the pounding rain
as you awake to the heavens and the surrounding saints singin

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