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it's a dirty swilrin vermin pool
we're living at war
so many spirits think they're flesh
depression, stress, and flash floods
guessers pressin buttons
what they givin that for?
cause if it's mortal they can tax it
pass the cup and i'll pour
a double heap of what' she'd have us drinking
thinking fast forward
blink us back past to present times
a splintered ass board
her withered map depicts distraction
on this glittered glass orb
but gets him back to his attachments
his gimmick flashed sword
we're livin slack, like bad riggin cap
in frigid mast storms
and riding piggy back on vultures' hopes and skinny black horns
i'm sick of biggy macs, and sissy hippy cats act like it's lovin
it's blasphemy like blastin peace
the beast at the summit
when somethins after me most naturally, the cream rose above it
most thugs playin they street
my style is steam roll to crush it
but whatyou tryin to be
i'm tired emcees
that lie to me tough
its just ducks or lusting rust, still steppin 93 up
but couldn't touch it with a devin hook
i suggest pretenders never look directly at it
emphatic your tender foot
all hooded fashion, flashin, camera gamera
stamina rappin
lit my square on the beak of the phoenix
passion it fastens
hidden gagging gasp breathers, believe in his fast retreats
speakin past the beef
to each his piece
dreamin roads that lead to rome
teachin homes beneath the ceaser's throne
bleeding greenish gold freezin cold
yo but we don't speak it
weak shit, like them scensters' poems
just speak it in it's bleakness
just cold peaks to leave alone
it goes on and on
and don't change
like being broke or being dope, trust me
this motherfucking world'll drive you nutty, or slutty buddy
lustin for that money
my riches never rust dog
but why you're riches lookin rusty?
like buddy dumb and buckin heat, so proud of yourself
but sonny, tryin to clutch this peak now
right outta this hell
right out this self cause this wealth's illusion
jester's best confusion
they shoutin just approve it
shootin saints and restitution at arm's length
i bomb snakes
the speech in the light
from martyed father seekers
plus the lost
the theif in the night
don't give two fidducks what you spit up, get up and kiss the phoenix
hunny fortyfour thousand redeemed
while kings are stuck blingin
more like demons dreamin angels
masons schemin angles
rebels reppin fashion
or ducks singin star spangled
remember the things you heard, my word, the demon murderer
to serve the Most, in Jesus name
amen, the freezerburner uh

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