"Product of my own design" as written by Aaron Montgomery, Peter Charell, Chris Brown and Simon Ormandy....
I've opened up my eyes, so tell me what I see
I've opened up my mind, so tell me how to think
Use your big words and show me how to speak
You can't live your life through me
I can't believe you think it's that easy

Your walls of pride are only fencing you in
Your ego's been playing games with your head
You're not the mastermind
I am a product of my own design

Following you and your promised guarantees
Free to choose as long as I live your dreams
You say my own weight could never be carried
I'll agree to disagree, I can't believe that you are that naive

You were my eyes
You were my ears
You were my conscience all these years

No more
My vision has never been so clear
Looks like i have no one left to fear

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"Product of My Own Design" as written by Peter Charell Chris Brown

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    Song MeaningIt wasn't obvious to me at first, but I now am convinced this song is about leaving the church. This new found interpretation struck a chord in me, since I am in a very similar place right now.

    In the first verse, the writer has questioned his faith, and found it to be unsatisfactory. Someone (perhaps his parents and extended family) is telling him that his conclusions are incorrect; he should see and think their way.

    In the chorus, he criticizes his opponents for their arrogance; using faith as a shield from rational thinking. He refuses to assimilate, choosing instead to follow his own reasoning.

    The second verse sounds very much like the teachings of Christianity. The "promised guarantee" of eternal life in Heaven after death; freedom of choice, though only under a set of regulations to be followed to gain this prize. His "own weight" that "cannot be carried" is the sinful nature that Christianity teaches is present in every human; one that only Jesus Christ can atone for. The writer opposes this belief, and indicates its absurdity.

    "You were my eyes, You were my ears, You were my conscience all these years"

    He was raised in the church, which was supposed to teach him right and wrong, though now its virtues have been taken into question.

    "No more, My vision has never been so clear, Looks like I have no one left to fear"

    However, he has freed himself from the narrow view of his old religion, and can't believe how blind he was until now. Without the threat of eternal punishment in Hell, he is free to choose his own lifestyle, and free to define his own morality.
    perchedonstiltson January 18, 2011   Link
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    Well, the song meaning is blatantly obvious, which i think makes this song really good :)
    Reminds me of headstrong and stand up, and seeing as it's the last track off their "Someone in control" album, it suggest the final way to truly gain control of our lives, which is by telling those who are trying to control us to fuck off, and we control ourselves :D
    Yallabroon March 13, 2009   Link

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