The house next door is ill-knowned for what has occured inside it,
the love for doing child abuse

...I held the doll in my two arms,
filled with fear

Often, putting up with it,
Wanting the father, to gently stroke and speak praise of her

But, as that person grew up,
they began to absolutely detest you

No wonder you've been killed

The white T-shirt is dyed
with the stench of cigarettes
With hate,
she immediately buried you
The cherry blossoms bloom off-season.

For my first time, I did good job.
(turn "goshikaroido")
I was born to kill dad

kiesenu KEROIDO
the keloid* instantly vanishes

During now's tomorrow, on boring old channel 4
That person will be referred to as the "girl A"**

The dark jelly of the O-blood on the edge of the knife's blade
is living proof of why you're by yourself


For my first time, I did good job.
(turn "goshikaroido")
I was born to kill dad

the keloid* instantly vanishes

During the day after tomorrow's now, there will be a picture of me along with the "Girl A"'s name
Uproars will be stuck to me wherever I go

The dark jelly of the O-blood, on the edge of the knife's blade
If I lick it, the blood will still be warm
Choosing the picture with the pretty person in it,
(in gulping breaths***)
All I wanted, was to be called a normal little girl...

*keloid - is a special type of scar that can vary from brown to pink to red; the scars are shiny, and feel rubbery in texture; in some rare cases, they can affect the movement of the skin. they can be accompanied by severe itching, pain, and change in textures.

**Shoujo A is this famous hit single by Akina Nakamori about a 17-year old lolita girl.

***you know whenever you cried alot when you were little and start gasping for breath uncontrollably? Kinda like hiccuping you know? Yeah, that's what that sentence meant.

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Gothikaroid - English - song meanings
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    General Commentomfg, thank you...this is awesome. This song/video was my 1st Visual Kei song. Antic Cafe was my first JROCK but they are Oshare kei. thank you, thank you!
    LivvyNIGHTMAREon December 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentweird this didnt show up on my searches xD but ty much for uploading these!
    AngelzLion July 06, 2008   Link

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