Serrated words
Can cut so deep
They slash across my chest
And now they pour into my lungs
They will never be the same
Have you enjoyed your selfish games

What doesnt kill me, makes me numb

Please dont forgive me
I'm never waking up
This wont mean anything to you
No use resisting
Youll never get enough
This wont mean anything to you

The hole you left
I filled with the stones
You threw and now its time to sink
Rats will eat all my flesh and lick my bones clean

Id rather be here than there with you

I need you to say i dont mean anything to you
Ineed you to break, i dont mean anything to you

I cant breath with you near me
Cut so deep,taking over
Leave me here dead inside
I cant breath knowing youre alive

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    General Commentthis is my favorite tune of the new album. not sure what it's about. hard to tell if andrew and craig are singing about the same stuff.

    i think the last verse in genius though
    rev23devon November 27, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretationthis song is quite hard to decipher, but to me it seems like it has to do with somebody (we'll call them 'a') who has known a person(we'll call them 'b') very close to them for a long time, but person b is becoming somebody totally different than who A originally remembered them as, to the point where theyre becoming condescending and sour towards A. A is finally realizing that knowing b is more painful to him then to not know b at all.

    the first verse kind of speaks for itself meaning the things that b is saying is insulting and painful for A (serrated words can cut so deep etc etc etc). 'What doesnt kill me makes me numb' makes me think of all the things b is saying to A will eventually build a thick skin for him, and the condescedning remarks (as well as b himself) eventually wont matter to him anymore.

    The chorus is a little shakier, but still has a bit of the same meaning "please don't forgive me, im never waking up" seems to describe that A might have done something wrong to recieve this treatment in b's eyes, but A doesnt want b to forgive him because that would make it harder for A to let go of this relationship. "this wont mean anything to you" could mean either that A is starting to become just another face in the crowd for b, or that the condescending notations that b is giving A wont change b at all because they just seem like harmless barbs to him. something of that sort. "no use resisting, you'll never get enough" simply means that b isn't going to stop anytime soon with their mannerisms towards A, so there's no use trying to keep him from doing so.

    "the hole you left i filled with stones you threw" kind of means the same thing as above, with the hole representing all of the good memories that A had with b, and now in place of that are all the degrading comments b has used towards A.

    "Id rather be here than there with you" is when A has decided that it is in fact easier for him to be out of this connection with b than in it.

    "i need you to say i dont mean anything to you" could mean that A wants to know whether or not he's worth anything to b, because if he isn't he'll surely get out of b's life. "I need you to break" can mean that A wants b to just come right out and say it, instead of playing these mind games with him.

    the last verse is by the time A is totally out of b's life, he still feels so much hatred towards b because of all the things b put him through, and now he knows its okay to release his anger towards b because he doesn't mean anything to b.

    holy damn, rereading that comment its kind of complicated. still seems to make sense though....
    ltkalimarion January 25, 2009   Link
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    General Commentdidnt read Itkalimari's book on what the song is called
    i can relate to this song
    its about a friendship falling apart.
    one person wants the other to admit they mean nothing to them anymore but they wont.
    its fucked.
    parkwayyon July 16, 2009   Link

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