"Solid Gold Easy Action" as written by and Marc Bolan....
now I'm popping a few
in the morning dew
do the monkey wrench
all the birds adventures
the teenage night
and the vampires are right

and I want to lay my lips on
your explosive mouth

picked up Kenny
at an art deco date
from tulips he's a cat
with an automated hat
and I need to be free of all the
fantasies I hide in

and I want to lay my lips on
your explosive mouth

its a shame
for man too high
all the things
we do to survive
from this day

now I jump on your horse
and I gallop of course
and howl like a wolf
and drink up the sky
and I beat on my chest
just a punk off the ranch

but I want to lay my lips on your
explosive mouth

its a shame
for man too high
all the things
that I do to survive
from this day

Lyrics submitted by Renaissance Dan

"Solid Gold Easy Action" as written by Marc Bolan


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    My InterpretationWell...Um Sex is the obvious theme, looks like not all of Marc's song's are poetry eh? Don't get me started on "All my head will keep her smiling" ;)

    However, an interesting fact/link whatever you want to call it ^^; The Car that Marc Bolan died in had the Registration Plate FOX 661L, and crashed into a tree, now that throws a disturbing light on "Picking Foxes from a tree" doesn't it?
    Lederinon August 29, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI thought it was "all my hair will keep her smiling". He used to change and shift words so freely. His wondrous walk - the way he moved on the stage, and telephone dialling - some references to telephones existing in his songs (like Metal Guru, Shy boy)..
    Dorian21on December 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentNow, this may be reading a bit much into Marc's lyrics here, but... Could the line 'this girl is a lamb with the thoughts of a tiger' refer to William Blake's poem 'The Tyger', from Songs Of Experience? The poem itself clearly contrasts with his earlier poem, 'The Lamb', from Songs Of Innocense: 'Did he who made the Lamb make thee?'. Also: could the following line, 'moves like a cat but knows how to ride her' refer to the chinese proverb 'he who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount'? Marc was fond of classical poetry from many different cultures, after all. Perhaps he was cleverer than he seemed?
    Renaissance Danon January 07, 2011   Link

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