I'm a good old dog
Runnin' down the road
Barkin' at the moon
Runnin' Wild

I'm a good old dog
Got nothin' to do with any of you
Caress my head, and I'm yours for life
I kill anybody that's hurted you

Headlights in the road
Headlights make me blind
I got nothin' to do with any of you
Two great spots of light

Good old dog never knew a thing
Wasn't no pain, just the sound of the crack
Bones cracking beneath the tires
Would have killed anybody that hurted you

There ain't no god for dogs (x4)

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There Ain't No God for Dogs song meanings
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    General CommentThis song reminds me of a story,
    it was a man that couldn't find a job to support his wife and kids
    so he ended up working as a dog for a rich man
    and had to do whatever this rich man asks him to
    in return, he gets a lousy sallery.
    But he was willing to do anything for his family
    even if it was to sit on his his knees and bark...

    this song is kinda like this
    it shows us that dogs don't have a God
    they do whatever the one who feeds them, ask them to do!
    and look how they ended up, dying, and nobody cares...
    yaryouraon December 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTo me this sounds like a husband shouldn't be a dog.
    beckdaveson January 21, 2016   Link

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