Yes I feel seedy today so please be gentle with me
My head feels like its getting punched by a million punching head punch guys
I can’t even rhyme today, woke up at the crack of noon
Promise my self that I won’t drink again real soon

I got so god damn drunk last night that I passed out on the floor
Then woke up in the cupboard with some chick I’d never seen before
What’s the go, what’s your name and where are you from?
And why in good green Gumby’s name have you got MY pants on,
Inside out and back to front and on your head?
I’m feeling shit sick, I'm wearing lipstick, How come I did not stay home in bed?
I chose absinth instead,
Now I’m squished inside a cupboard with a girl who’s either passed or dead

I’m feelin seedy today so please give me a break
Stop asking me these questions and put on your underwear for goodness sake
I’m just as scared as you
I’d give you back your pants but you see mine are missing too
I make my way into the bathroom know that I am gonna spew soon
Mascara looks a lot like a panda get some coffee and stand on the veranda
Blink my eyes as the sun warms up my face, I take a look at this place
So unfamiliar
Your dad will kill ya
I lost all my cash and caught some...

Rash decisions, head collisions, late night rage on televisions
Finding it tough to get a distinction between fable, fact and fiction
Need to pee most definitely but the bathroom stinks
Hey don’t blame me

I’m feelin seedy today, can’t you cut me some slack
Can you use this soap to clean the fruit and texta off my back?
We’ve learnt our lesson well today
We drank too much and now we’ll pay
But in my mind the night went fine
I’ll meet you at the pub tonight at 9

Lyrics submitted by kiriandsam

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