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Utterly subliminal, like the good bits of a black and white film
The mistakes in the backgroud that not everyone has found
You are...
treehouses and
stuck in mud
Houses of fun
Steptoe and Son
Train journeys with a friend
Two CVs
Mercedes Benz
Milkshakes and
runaways to Peru
Airwaves, Soft Mint and Juicy Fruit
the best ever cartoon
Sunways, breakaways, playdays
Computer games
Party tunes
Petit Flouis and timbuktu
Make-believe and fancy dress
Hideway dens and crows nest
Tea in bed
My favourite song on the radio
The volume and fast forward
The time to go
Punk music, R'n'B and electro
Pop, rock'n'roll, two-step and disco
Lets go...
to museums and water parks
Have a picnic in the dark in the park
Play Connect4 on Tower Bridge or just
Through mazes or
Have you ever seen Labarynith?
David Bowie, oh my god, he's sick yes
Grapes in the fridge and mini-eggs
3-D glasses and Right Said Fred
French films
Red wine or
Stars in Their Eyes
What would you sing?
What would you sing?
Maps of the world
Hot sand
Our Land Before Time
That bit when the mummy long legs dies- I cried
Popcorn- salty or sweet
Mix in Malteasers as a treat
Four poster bed
You are
A manison
A house boat
A cave
A waterfall
You are
A looking glass
A know-it-all
Popping bubble wrap
Re-arranging shelves and
Finding sea shells
Brushing teeth and
Arguing back and
Catherine wheels
An old park bench and
Jellied eels
You've made up your mind and there is no going back
You are
Soft seats
Late night TV
Walks on cliffs and
Drunkness and
Fruit and
Good smelling shampoo
Pompegranit seeds and
Crap tatoos
A team
Strong tea
I'm proud of us
Seeing you is like the relief of seeing the night bus
Flowers that last longer than you expected
And the pillow days say you don't ever have to go to work again
The English language
I would say that, yeah, you're a good read
Your mums cooking
Planting seeds
Thunder Cats
The Beatles
Colouring in and
Dates and
Pads that cover the shin when your rollerblading
Food fights
My bedside light
Oh my god you make me laugh
My warm bath with bubbles that crackle like Rice Krispies
Taking photograhs of strangers and
Finger puppets
Being allowed to act like a twat
When your umbrella gets blown away
Painted face
Hug and foot rubbing
Pin the tail on the donkey and juggling
On the rollercoaster
Picking the cheese off the inside of the toaster
Coca-cola with a marshmellow floater
Dance for me
Tap, anything, ballet
Float away like drunk from champagne
Drink to piss the night away
Then sleep in hands the whole next day
Sunshine in May
Come to stay
One, two, three, four
Happy Days
You are the reason I am weak
Why I can't speak
Now I sound like a fucking freak
I'm not

It's just that
For the mind you happen to be an absolute treat :D

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