the wind is fine to watch from the confines of my room
a window forced into a wall like a hole inside a tomb
watch the leaves go up and up and watch them slowly fall back down
hear the clouds rush idly by, hear them crash into the ground

no noise could ever save me from the voice inside my head
from the nightmares in my closet and the monsters in my bed
Your name is the sound I sigh when i'm forced to see my breath
during winter chills of loneliness and the knowledge that there's death

you see, since every man must live, I guess that every man must die
young and old and in between, every man must laugh and cry
there is joy, there is sadness, inside of every human heart
and there's a slave and there's a free man and a chance to never start

it seems i'm living in an age where the good guy is just as bad
'cause every bastard's born with darkness with a thorn upon his head
i'm haunted by the memory of my mother's maiden name
and the perfection that I promised at a time that never came

I know my parents love me, I know I love them back
I know my love ain't perfect; I see that there's a lack
of consequences for my actions, of compensation for my days
i've been doubting everything around me, God vindicate my ways

one by one I see them come: the monsters to be named
they stand and fall, they walk and crawl, here I am ashamed

the cemetery looks the best when it's formed outside a church
dirt filled with all the lonely people who have given up the search
some gave up because they found it, some quit some never tried
everybody pondered looking, some alone, some side by side

oh God, I wish I could have been there the day that Moses hit the stone
a man blessed by holy heaven, a man courageous and alone
i'd love to watch him drink the water while the people stood and cheered
did he know the well his sin would bring to bear all that he feared?

40 years he cried for nothing but my unrequited love
from a land i've only heard of from all these thunder clouds above
and oh God oh yes I love you, but right now i'm mad as hell
I am your friend God, please remember I am your voice inside this shell
of human frailty and misgivings about the promises of truth
I only know God, what you've shown me; apart from that there is no proof

I see the stars and all their glory, I see the waves crash on the shore
I see the order and the chaos and I wish I could see more
of Your abundance in the desert and of your manna on the sand
instead of seas You never parted in this dry and lonely land
i'm gonna trust You, Lord, I love You. You're my savior and my friend
give me strength to bear this moment of despair that you did send

one by one, I see them come: the monsters to be named
they stand and fall, they walk and crawl, here I am afraid

the night crawls through my window as I crawl into my bed
to dream of candles I left burning next to books I never read
I hear the birds no longer singing, I see the black behind the rain
I see the emptiness that's filled with songs of birds and crushing pain

my name is no more than a sound my presence somehow seems to draw
symbols scribbled on a paper to fulfill this nation's law
here's my name if I could give it, myself but etched into my chest
I am a man, I am a poet, I am redeemed and i'm a mess
I have joyful lips and tragic eyes and the same face that hides a soul that lives to love
a God who's death alone allows me to be whole...

one by one, I see them come: these angels to be praised
they stand and fly, they never die. here I stand amazed...
I stand amazed... I stand amazed...
are you amazed?

Lyrics submitted by akocher

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