"Slugs in the Shrubs" as written by and Harrison Haynes Tim Harrington....
We're pulling off heists and putting on wigs.
We're gathering ice off of flipped over Brinks trucks
and everybody suspects us.

They rounded us up and rounded us down.
They ground our bones up and founded a town.
Where were the Prophets when I got my beat down?

Crack! Goes the crescent wrench.
Back to the present tense.
Tony's talking to me 'bout, "Get my money out!"
Legs shattered, teeth chatter, Tony's crony's like,
"What's the matter?"

Rack, pull the focus in,
trapped in the basement digging like a rabbit for a couple of karats.
Squeezing out of dryer vents, on to my retirement,
hopping over hedges, and I'm back out on the street again.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Where's that coming at?
Slugs in the shrubs. Kid down the street
pissing from his pistol from about three hundred feet.
Didn't catch his cousin creeping up on me.

There's no better time to let the cannons fly
because there are no whites and there are no eyes.

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"Slugs in the Shrubs" as written by Seth Jabour Harrison Haynes


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    General CommentGreat song, it sounds like it's about a couple different things. On the one had, some reckless kids (I'm assuming they are young and wild) are pulling heists.

    In the past tense part of the song, it sounds like the writer is referring possibly to Jews? - ground up bones (they did this at the camps and indeed "where were the Prophets?" would be an appropriate question) is what lead me to this thought. I thought it might be about Native Americans but "the Prophets" kind of steers my thinking towards Jews.

    The whites/eyes line has to do with the old line "don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" which was taken from someone who commanded at Bunker Hill - in the Revolutionary War, 1775. It has become a modern proverb, meaning don't get yourself into a situation until you've checked it out, done your homework, etc. The "cannons fly" is a nice metaphor for modern guns firing, back at Bunker Hill of course they were using cannons.

    So - it there are no whites and no eyes, it could mean that these robbers are in a situation where caution is not needed because bullets are flying everywhere constantly anyway .. the Middle East, maybe?

    Or, it could just be a comment on how gangs are ramping up, getting more nihilistic each decade .. I really don't know, it's definitely about something.

    Anyway, it's a rocking song and I'm seeing the band in a few days and CAN'T WAIT ...
    Hawkeye2008on April 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI had another thought .. it could be that one of the robbers was a jew in one of the death camps in a past life ...? and he's seeing this past life unfold in front of him at an inopportune time - in the middle of a heist

    that would explain the legs shattered/teeth chatter part - if he is reliving some awful event that happened years ago .. IT'S A MYSTERY I have no idea

    if someone has this song figured out, please post ..
    Hawkeye2008on May 01, 2008   Link

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