Cats and crafts
put you in a tiny box that's filled with our victims who
can't explain how they love their moms
and all the hands that retreat
they try to slip right down their pussy
but theres nothing that you thought is wrong

But you are too beautiful to fuck
you're too beautiful
you are too beautiful to fuck
you're too beautiful

Slice my eyes
took me through another night that goes all night through
tries to seize what their hearts have lost
my best friend took me in
and made me down decide my own sins
and I said "can you
please forgive the love?"

'Cause you are too beautiful to fuck
you're too beautiful
you are too beautiful to fuck
you're too beautiful

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    General CommentI love this song...
    To me it's about him seeing a girl who is simply to delicate and beautiful to fuck... Perhaps he wants to call it something different? She is too beautiful for him to use and move on.
    LaBelleEtLaBeteon September 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commentok so if im going to be the first person to write something, ill just say what i heard saturday night at the kevin drew concert. he prefaced this song with a story about a ufc fighter who he apparently went to high school with. so this guy approaches kevin and tells him he'd like to talk to him about being gay since he heard kevin was (i still dont know if that's completely true or not). anyways, he said after making out with the guy a few times (not sure if that was a joke) he wanted kevin to go home with him that night, to which he refused, causing the muscle-bound ufc fighter to break a windshield. somewhere along the line, this guy tried to take a pair of kevin's purple doc martin boots.
    anyways, thats what he said at the show, or as close to it as i can remember.
    tylerjb72on November 06, 2007   Link
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    General Comment^^pretty sure that was a joke
    noone1111111111111111111on November 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentgreat joke. lol.
    newyearsprojecton November 18, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Slice my eyes
    took me through another night that goes all night through"
    that's probably my favorite line. i'm debating whether or not it is eyelids as opposed to eyes. such a beautiful way of saying you're staying up all night.
    magkmonkeyon February 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commentso i am the first to really take a crack at this one. sweet.

    i have so many fun or crazy ideas about this song. none of which i think really hold true cause i didn't write this song. Here goes...

    "Cats and crafts
    put you in a tiny box that's filled with our victims"

    This is how he sees someone. I'd venture to say that it is a girl. And he is likening her to a young, innocent, naive, little girl - with little pink bows in her hair and having a jewelry box with that ballerina that pops out of the top with music playing. She is that stupid ballerina.

    The end of that line "victims" alludes to all the others just like her, girls and guys alike, all the same age, all acting rather trapt in a rather silly reality.

    "who can't explain how they love their moms"

    Oedipus complex joke here. kinda funny really. a wiki paste about Oedipus :
    The Oedipus complex in Freudian psychoanalysis refers to a stage of psychosexual development in childhood where children of both sexes regard their father as an adversary and competitor for the exclusive love of their mother. The name derives from the Greek myth of Oedipus, who unknowingly kills his father, Laius, and marries his mother, Jocasta.

    so basically all dudes are fucked in the head being in love with their mom and how they struggle with the transference into the girls they meet.
    "they try to slip right down their pussy"
    these victims she is with, childlike boys, still wanting to mate with their mom, are now looking to do that to her. and he feels above it all.


    she is "too beautiful to fuck"
    damn, i bet she is really hot. so hot that your groin goes numb from visual and intellectual stimulus overload.

    "Slice my eyes
    took me through another night that goes all night through"

    slice my eyes is a re fence to boxers. when taken many blows to the face, specifically the eyes, blood floods the region to protect and heal from all the trauma. it can be so badly swollen that it blinds the boxer. to alleviate this, trainers would cut their eyes, or the skin swollen over them, to bleed it out enough to see.
    hes pretty beat up. and this isn't the first time since he says another night that goes all night.

    "tries to seize what their hearts have lost"

    now, my feelings about this part is that it becomes a lil corny. still well done. then again i may have missed the mark.

    a former love? they broke up, but they were in love for a reason, whatever the reason. and it was a pretty good thing. seize is a key word. how do you seize something that you know is gone with a girl? you pull some tricks, hint about the good times, you both eat it up and, bam. you find that sexual energy from long ago that made things so special.

    then again i could be putting my crazy thoughts of sexual perversion with my mom into this.

    "my best friend took me in
    and made me down decide my own sins"

    i am unsure of the accuracy of interpretation of this part. i welcome other ideas here for i am sure this part is better understood by others than myself. mine is rather simple...
    a friend took him aside and sat him down. they had a long talk about decisions he is making. about his previous rekindlement. and he responds
    "can you please forgive the love?"
    could be poking fun at the horrible mess he is in. it explains why he keeps getting mixed up with her to the disbelief of his friends.

    now, admittingly the interpretation of the chorus is subjective. i do not claim to have interpreted the true meaning, but since i get to write this and share it, i am going to assume you want to hear it. even if it is wrong.
    it could be said that it is beautifully innocent. it a world of sickening things and people, and the trends that are sent in socializing from them, that she is too beautiful to fuck.
    but the use of the work fuck defiantly shatters that idea. its a black listed word in a sentence of innocent white. (fuck off about any race parallels here)
    i find that the chorus is just saying that he sees more to her than that. that its a bit deeper than just sex. to just fuck her from looks. she is much too special than conquest.

    over all a song with a bit of complexity with a straight forward subject of a girl and guy in distress.
    ok, im done spinning lies. lates.
    loser4allon March 01, 2008   Link
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    General Commentloser4all, that sounds like complete bullshit
    but interesting bullshit
    jeennnon March 21, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe first line, according to the jacket in kevin drew's album is actually, "cats and christ put you in a tiny box...".
    kkkate.on March 23, 2008   Link
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    General Comment.. and it's, "..slip right down and percieve.."

    absolutely no pussy references in the entire song.

    whoops eh?
    kkkate.on March 23, 2008   Link

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