So trust me baby
when I said maybe
we can talk
about what we both believe.

Burned and broke
we talk for hours
about what we learned,
about what we lost.

and I know
that this will break your heart,
but go ahead
and shout it.

You were in love but now you're hurting.
Take my strength, a vacant burden.
(Take my strength)
(Take my pain)

So trust me baby
when I said maybe
we can talk
about what we both lost.

You make it so hard
to realize what we had is gone.
(To realize what we had is gone)

Saying things that
you don't mean,
it tears me
it tears me

From the edges
I will scream,
"Can you hear me,
are you listening?"

Let's talk trust (tonight)

(You said these feelings were forever,
but I know that you lied to me)

(You don't know what you do)
(You don't know what you do to me)

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    General Commentthis sort of band is the kind that writes songs
    that have little involement with actually what's
    in there heart, and more of what is better to
    hear for mainstream, not saying that there not
    a amazing band though =)

    this song is written about, and i say 'written' because
    the lyrics don't come from the heart.
    but that someone there into is hurting and they
    want to give them strength because there share
    a commenality over losing something that meant
    something to them.
    they feel they don't mean enough to the person
    there so desperately wanting to give themselves
    to but they stay persistent,
    'you don't know what you do to me'
    how much they care about them, but how much
    it goes un-noticed and how when there hurting
    and they say unkind words it really bothers them.

    "lets talk trust" just wanting to be close.
    tkwcon October 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyou're so retarded.
    i don't know if you've ever listened to what's actually playing on the top 40, but it doesn't sound anything like this.

    And when I met these guys at the SouthBySowhat concert, they were actually talking about the song. so I think you should get off your proverbial high horse and just shut up.
    icefairyxon May 22, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationIm pretty sure it goes:

    So trust me baby
    When I say maybe
    We should talk
    About what we both believe
    sdk9109on February 19, 2009   Link

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