Dressed up in your outsides,
Inside you’re in nighttime,
Everywhere is frightening
There’s something you are needing to find,

The pressure is pressing you down
That raging monster pulling you around
It wants to rip our skins apart
Tear out the strings connected to our hearts
Our hearts, our hearts,

Evil glare under her eyelids
Rudely wears us on her mouth
Trembling when we see her
Run and hide, she’s coming around to

Tear out the strings (x3)
Connected to our heart
Tear out the strings (x3)
Connected to our heart, our hearts, our hearts,

Our hearts,
You were in the way of yourself, crowded you in, dark clouds hung around, in the hope of a home,
Your body grew wider, your movements slowed down, delusions of dying made sense in your head,
The hair grew in thick,
Your talons reached in,
The venom fought hard,
To poison our hearts,
Delusions of dying made sense in your head,
But you're better than that, you're better than that

Tear out, tear out.

The way we’re made protects us
The bones, the muscles shelter
But it’s our blood that mends us
It’s our blood that mends us

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    General CommentThe lyrics are incorrect from the unintelligible line ("-------") on.

    The ------ line is actually "The hair grew in thick"
    What follows is this:

    The hair grew in thick,
    Your talons reached in,
    The venom fought hard,
    To poison our hearts,
    Delusions of dying made sense in your head,
    But you're better than that, you're better than that
    e_man182on June 20, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti've been looking for these lyrics for AGES!!!!! i love this song soo much
    thank you sooo much for posting them :D
    moomiteon October 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentShe coming to tear out the strings...but it's the blood that mends us.

    So maybe the strings she's tearing out are literally the life source, the veins, and she's the monster?
    angilwingzon January 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think it might be to do with breaking up with someone but she's really scared of breaking up. So she dresses up, i guess in the sense of taking someone out to a meal then breaking up with them. But inside, she is super scared. The something to find could be confidence to do that. But I think she has mixed feelings about breaking up with this person, and this metaphorical monster is there to do the breaking up ie tearing out the strings connected to our hearts. Afterwards, she feels relieved that she has done the break up.
    keef-loveron May 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is a cool and clever song. At its most basic level, it's about a girl dealing with her period (monster and blood as metaphors) -- which in turn serves as a second-level metaphor for growing up. In the twilight between childhood and adulthood, you feel like your real self is trapped inside your changing body. (Dressed up in your outsides). Your body is doing weird things, and you struggle with a sense of losing who you are in who you are becoming. It's scary. (Inside you're in nighttime, everywhere is frightening).

    The connected hearts are those of the child and the adult. Growing up threatens to rip the connection apart. The protaganist wants to flee it (run and hide, she's coming around), but obviously can't escape it. She struggles with it (the venom fought hard to poison our hearts), becoming depressed (delusions of dying). Ultimately, though, she resolves it -- realizing that growing up isn't as bad a thing as she feared. It just a necessary part of our life's cycle. The monster that scared her so much is ultimately seen in a different, and positive, light. Blood, which is normally associated with death and injury, is seen as renewing life force instead of as destructive force (It's our blood that mends us). This obviously ties up the menstruation angle. The final stanza is hopeful and upbeat.

    Really good song.

    LucasCorso666on February 10, 2011   Link

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