"London, London" as written by and Veloso....
I'm wandering round and round nowhere to go
I'm lonely in London London is lovely so
I cross the streets without fear
Everybody keeps the way clear
I know, I know no one here to say hello
I know they keep the way clear
I am lonely in London without fear
I'm wandering round and round here nowhere to go

While my eyes
Go looking for flying saucers in the sky

Oh Sunday, Monday, Autumm pass by me
And people hurry on so peacefully
A group approaches a policeman
He seems so pleased to pleace them
It's good at least to live and I agree
He seems so pleased at least
And it's so good to live in peace and
Sunday, Monday, years and I agree

While my eyes
Go looking for flying saucers in the sky

I choose no face to look at
Choose no way
I just happen to be here
And it's ok
Green grass, blue eyes, gray sky, God bless
Silent pain and happiness
I came around to say yes, and I say

But my eyes
Go looking for flying saucers in the sky

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"London London" as written by Paulo Sergio Kostenbader Valle Jose Augusto Cougil

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London, London song meanings
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    General CommentSomebody can tell me why Veloso eyes look for 'flying soucers'? Is that just a image o melancholy for Brazil? Or Veloso think like he's been living in another planet? :) I understand that he's missing his country and like to be in London, but not entirely like to be there. So he wants him country back. London is a place where everything it's ok an good and almost unexpectable like 'hurrying peacefully' but the poet walks the streets like going nowhere and feeling quite alien.
    theunderstoodon August 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think you're right about most of what you said. It could also be a reference to a song on his previous album called "não identificado" ('Unidentified' in English). Here are some of the lyrics to that song in english:

    I'll make a love song
    To record onto a flying saucer*
    A song telling her everything
    I'm still alone, in love
    To launch into outer space

    My passion will shine in the night
    In the sky of a small town
    As an unidentified object

    *(a play on words. in portuguese flying saucer is 'disco voador' or 'flying disc'. disco can also mean 'record')

    So while he's wandering the streets of london he is searching for the feelings and emotions that he left behind floating over the skies of brazil.
    Wrapidon January 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI've always understood the flying saucers like he feels he's in another completely different planet. He walks the streets without fear, people are not afraid of the police, they are even nice and helpful. In contrast with the situation in his country and other countries of southamerica where repression, censorship, and fear of being " dissapeared" were the common feel of people.
    iva1065958on September 07, 2017   Link
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    General CommentHe's simply tedious. There's nothing else left to do, but search flying saucers, which we all know that don't exist.
    BogusManon September 18, 2017   Link

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