"Master Passion Greed" as written by and Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen....
Who the hell are you to tell me
What to do, why to do, why bother
Leech in a mask of virtue
Such waste, to ever think of you again

Hey Judas, your Christess was our love
Hit and run, your will be done
Never sorry, never wrong
More more more more more

Master passion greed

?Hello. How are you?
Let me explain one thing.
All for her and more for me
Why is it so hard to see?
I see no sense in doing this
Not enough for me
I fuck up everything but let me explain.?

Some day you shall flee,
Panting and weak

Master passion greed

All within me gone but pain and hope
Hoping that the pain would fade away

Greed, your master passion
I Feed the mouth that bites me
Mammon, opiate of the masses
The reek of your lies draws flies

Seek her
Seduce her
Tame her
Blame her
Have her
Kill her
Feast on it all

With awakening the tears will begin
To my everlasting shame silence took me

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"Master Passion Greed" as written by Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen

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    General CommentTuomas definatly was pretty pissed off when he wrote this haha.
    Is it just me.. or is it a bit ironic that the heaviest song on the track is followed by Eva, wich is the song I find the saddest?
    Donutmasteron December 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYeah, Tuomas is a bit pissed off.

    JUST a bit.

    It's really a relatively violent song for Nightwish. Tuomas pretty much blames Cabuli for everything, on and off the mic, that happened to Tarja, and this song's making it perfectly clear -exactly- where he stands, while still being poetic. A good combination with Bye Bye Beautiful. One as a final word, a final goodbye, and one as a screaming "Fuck you" to the sky.

    It's my second-favorite on Dark Passion Play.
    Hayate Kusanagion January 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is supposedly about Marcelo Cabuli, Tarja's husband. Obviously, Nightwish is not fond of him.
    Ender666999on September 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI dont think christess is Tarja ... it actually says very clear that what Marcelo killed was the love between them (them, maybe tuomas-tarja or tarja-rest of the band)

    tuomas also seems ashamed with himself for not saying what he felt in time. ... the drawing in the album actually shows a hand moving a puppet which is burning.

    still, i think there is a song where you can feel even harder the emotions within .... when Marco sings the chorus in "bye bye beautiful" it really gets into you .... well, maybe because I love them and it gets me, but that what I feel.
    metalmexicangirlon May 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI am really glad Nightwish put a really heavy track on this album. It really adds alot to the album. The song is about Marcello and how he basicly changed and blinded Tarja. With awakening the tears will begin is almost like (how blind can you be cant you see that you choose the long road..) saying that when Tarja finally "wakes up" and realized that Marcello has "Blinded" her she will realize how stubborn she was and break down to tears. To my everlasting shame silence took me is Toumas saying I should have done more to stop what Marcello was doing to Tarja before it was too late. I believe Toumas loved Tarja so Marcello really fucked things up to put it bluntly. Great track.
    [Service to busy]on May 22, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"To my everlasting shame silence took me"

    Tuomas feels deep regret at his remaining passive while Marcelo continued to feed off the band and Tarja. He believes that if he had spoken up sooner, the situation wouldn't have gotten so far out of hand and Tarja wouldn't have needed to be fired.

    "Seek her
    Seduce her
    Tame her
    Blame her
    Have her
    Kill her
    Feast on it all"

    These lines paint an interesting picture. Marcelo both "seduces" and "tames" Tarja. One seduces a member of the same species, but tames an animal (a wild animal, no less). This passage paints Marcelo as a person who seduces wild animals. This imagery is solidified in a line that follows "Have her." Marcelo has gained the favor of the object, and now consummates the relationship. Finally, he is said to "kill her/ feast on it all." Here Marcelo is depicted as killing both a pet and a lover - an animal he won over and a woman who trusted him. Finally, he consumes them, adding a further level of disgust to the scene. It should also be noted that feasting upon this creature completely undermines everything already done. There's no need to tame an animal one is hunting, except for torture. There's no need to seduce a person one will murder, except to terrorize them. Marcelo is depicted as a complete abomination.

    PS: I'm sick of comments like "Tuomas's attempt at black-metal lyrics." If you listen to artists, they rarely try to classify themselves so specifically. Yes, Nightwish calls itself metal. They don't really go any further. Metal is metal. FANS call something black metal, death metal, progressive metal, symphonic metal, power metal, etc. Artists, especially ones who expend as much effort as Nightwish does writing their music, just write whatever they think works best.
    NeoNatakuon July 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHaha, I love how you put that "Obviously, Nightwish is not fond of him."

    Yeah, you're right, it's pretty obvious. One of my faves from DPP :D
    binnion September 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think the last line best sums up what Tuomas feels about the whole situation: he never said anything to keep Marcelo from completely taking over Tarja, and that hurts him.
    Satakielion September 28, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Hey Judas, your Christess was our love"
    Well, Judas obviously refers to Marcelo, and Christess is Tarja.
    Marcelo took Tarja away from Nightwish (or perhaps Tuomes himself). Maybe Tuomes blames him for making Tarja this way.

    "With awakening the tears will begin
    To my everlasting shame silence took me"
    I think this means that Tuomes finally wakes up from the hate against Marcelo (?) that he feels 'everlasting' ashamed of feeling jealous or just plain hate. So he goes into silence and let it rest.

    Nice hard song, though. Completely different than what they normally do, but I like it. Especially when the 'choir' sets in.
    WormJuiceon October 04, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Seek her
    Seduce her
    Tame her
    Blame her
    Have her
    Kill her
    Feast on it all"

    Tuomas' attempt at writing black metal lyrics.
    Zughiaqon November 05, 2007   Link

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