"Silence..." as written by and Adam/logan Drucker....
The silence between radiators and constellations takes place some three odd dreams before a vacation

Meeting gears clumsily detaching a man's hand in the dust crunching machine of an aspirin factory shift
Adding their glued open eyes to
The good Reverend Pitman's hard to find bird head collection

Then the dream trails off into long drawn out conversations
Set in sickly lit hospital halls and over cleared tables
In office space about Workers Comp
And what the headache folks are willing to give up

In order to endure that today is the day that no one went bald
Today is the day that no one went bald
Today is the day that no one went bald
That today is

There's a brief intermission

They offer you money for love and a popular song
A license to pill and spare no expense
In the supper with big Dr. Moon and Gun

The dream ends in an extended stay America kitchen
You're beating eggs, you look down for the wisk
You see a sealed off wrist on repeat

Completely destroying the snow globe
And a day begins before and during next
Between space heaters and constellations

And again from the bed with the boy
In the absence of an absolute aspirin
There watching you through your bedroom window
A winter bee slurs its legs on a half snipped
Sprig of barbed wire while you imagine
Page five gallons pouring pink into the center of clouds
Or you or the other way around

Lyrics submitted by Derek_Hart

"Silence..." as written by Jeffrey Logan Adam Drucker

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    General CommentI wonder if this is about people's obsession with material things? I'm probably way off track here, but the Meeting Gears paragraph and the one below it might be something about people working in inhumane conditions just to make this Asprin...

    On the other hand, that's only the first half of the song; and I cannot understand the second half atall. I reckon I've got it totally wrong, anyway.
    Motigon October 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI quite agree with the suggestion. The asprin is seemingly valued at no cost to it's workers, leading to union meetings of course.

    Following the brief intermission, an offer is made.
    Money for love: To pretend to love the company, money
    Popular songs: Presumably an option for Radio, popular in union requests
    License to pill: Now you can make the asprins legally, presumably.
    Spare no expense in the endless supper with Dr. Moon & Gun: I enjoy this line the very most. Dr Moon being the night shift, and Dr. Gun being suicide- saying, pretty much, that you can work here and like it or kill yourself- Adding irony to the other offers and making them moot, and probably lies.

    The dream ends, of course, and you are at home ready to go back to work to make more asprins. (Your dream ends where the song begins 'between space heaters and constellations' -At night in a run-down building with shoddy heating-)

    The last paragraph suggests that, ironically, the asprin making requires hospital aide for the workers and there is no 'absolute asprin' to remedy the cost of labour to make them.

    And, perhaps a somewhat obscure thought on my own part (and my own experience) I thought of 'pink' as always being Pepto-Bismol. That perhaps Pepto-Bismol being poured into the clouds will solve the problems of the world- perhaps pouring the drug into yourself will solve your own problems.

    Of, of course, the other way around.
    Derek_Harton November 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSo great, nice interps guys. I used to think where he said in the second paragraph, Today is the day that no one 'resolved'. Brilliant, tight, song.
    tarzan05on January 05, 2010   Link

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