"Prequel to the Sequel" as written by Thomas Giles Rogers, Paul Andrew Waggoner, Cartland Blake Richardson, Robert Dustin Waring and Daniel Lanford Briggs....
The headless lover of three...
An unspeakable affair...

The lady on the hill creates a glorious departure from her everyday life.
Constant swelling of the ankles...A pleasant cry for help...
She began to unfold her story.
A grieving widow mothered this headless wonder.

A perfect crime, that soon lived on. A different life it had to develop...
Gripped by every limb it could hold, the lifeless ideas it grew onto its own.
A much needed surrender.
Trees soon started to grow from what seemed like a lifeless neck...

From a monster to a beauty in quick months...
Its life seemed to be on its way to a rare freedom.
It decided it should take advantage of this idea.
(the average traveler hints at this every single day of their lives)

A mixture of plantings soon took course in its body...
A spectacle non-the-less,
Walking proud through life letting its branches guide the way.
A path which seemed to be covered in sunshine...

It must be human, for its qualities seem
To outdo even the grandest occupant of the town...
This started to catch the attention of the un-branched...
It had never experienced an affection of this kind...

A wonderful and frightening new obstacle in its life.
Years went by as it finally found true love...
The love of others...three to be exact.
Letting them into every secret...feeding from every branch...
Every part used for their lives...
(This went on with no negative scents 'til the 5th year came around...)

It noticed its walking seemed more staggered than normal.
The breeze didn't flow like it used to...
The heart seemed to pound slower and slower...
What caused this?
It seen was noticed that these three had torn every branch, every single stem...
Torn to its last life...
How hadn't it noticed a drastic change in the surroundings...
It didn't think anything could go this wrong.


It thought life was constant
Happiness if constant happiness was all that was given out.
(It left its entire existence up to these three lovers)
Hints and all, they did as they pleased...
And not it's starting to wilt away.
(They will see this LOST PERFECTION. It will come back around...
Will the newborn live to tell this story? Rewind.)

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"Prequel to the Sequel" as written by Daniel Lanford Briggs Cartland Blake Richardson

Lyrics © Another Victory Publishing, THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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Prequel to the Sequel song meanings
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    General CommentDarn you! You beat me to it lol.

    Anyways, here is the meaning from Tommy:

    "This song is a story about the beginning of time (prequel) and its life building up till its demise (the sequel… also know as ‘lost perfection” from the “silent circus”). I chose the idea of a lady (mother nature) creating a headless person (the earth) and that person living amongst three lovers (humans). Branches grow from its headless neck and create nutrients for the world to enjoy.

    It talks of its life and how everyone soon took all of it qualities for granted. Taking all it nutrients and natural elements and wilting the tree into the ground. Slowly bringing all life to its end."
    Shevanelon September 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so awesome the intro gives me a musical erection
    duzton November 22, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationAn interesting point about the line about "constant swelling of the ankles": swelling of the ankles is a characteristic sign of chronic heart failure. Just throwing that out there.
    Yewbon November 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLanimilbus, it clearly states in the liner notes "Guest vocals performed on 'Prequel to the Sequel' by Adam Fisher of Fear Before the March of Flames" (as if Jared Leto is cool enough to be associated w/ BTBAM)
    chariot_fanon September 21, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"as if Jared Leto is cool enough to be associated w/ BTBAM"

    he did the guest vocals in a live show, so obviously he is cool enough to be associated with them.
    kidsmoke91on March 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA lot of the song seems to relate to "Oedipus Rex," but I might be completely wrong. The line, "Constant swelling of the ankles," specifically seems to be in reference because as a child, Oedipus' ankles are pinned together, and the name actually means "swollen-foot" in Greek. The line, "A grieving widow mothered this headless wonder," could be seen in reference to Jocasta (his mother), because Oedipus murders his father, Laius. At that point, the lovers could be the mother (Jocasta), father (Laius), and son (Oedipus). Just an idea, but God-bless-it, I love Tommy's explanation.
    iflyloon September 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentDamn.
    loveisfictionon September 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love the polka part. And Tommy sings with a lot of emotion on this song. Greatness.
    Mikemat5150on September 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthose are some deep words...i like this song alot.
    pattonaon September 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdoes anybody know who the guest singer in this song? i have a couple ideas but i want to make sure.
    allbodies77on September 20, 2007   Link

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