I know you’re going soon
It’s ok, I won’t freak
Can see it in your eyes, you’ve been moving out for weeks
You’ve found a girl, she’s so much prettier than me
She’s much cleverer than me
She’s so much happier than me

You want a lover who takes time over her looks
Not some stupid kid who’s always wrapped up in her books
But can I help it if a sentence makes me cry?
And the pavement makes me cry
And the thought of you and I

Oh, just leave
There’s nothing much I want to say
But close the door
You know how the atmosphere decays my bones
I feel the atoms on my skin
Oh, I feel the matter closing in

From my perch I see the universe as one
See the planets in their glory, slowly dancing with the sun
See my ancestors in monkey costumes fucking on the rocks
See the priestess and her brother and the farmer and his crops

All these sacred histories have led to this one day
When you face me on the stairs and say you have to go away
And time stops like ice where all around it once was hot
So don’t begrudge a girl her books cos they’re all a girl has got

They sit there now
The words unflinching in their strength
You see I only ever read
Cos I wish I was brave as them
And I know these words will never leave me standing on the stairs
Just like my frozen ancestors they always will be there
In print, just like your image on my heart
For ever like the planets light the dark
Just like our world is waltzing with the sun
Just like when this world explodes it makes another one

Oh you, just leave
I always wanted you to be free
But next time you see the planets try and think of me
And this moment on a stairway where I thought that I could see
All the atoms in your lover, she’s much prettier than me
And can I help it if an atom makes me cry?
I can’t help it if she’s happier than I

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    General Commenthey i lovee this song.. why has no1 commented yet? she's such a great singer
    -/peekoi.on October 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTheres an extra section to this song in the demo with the lyrics:

    Just like when this world explodes and makes another one
    Said it all, light the match and throw
    The rock and let it sink
    Don't sit around and watch because you think
    I hate to be alone
    It isnt yours to know
    Shes waiting in the wings so sing your kindness
    Wont you go
    I always wanted you to be free etc.
    Justanotherlighton January 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe tune to this song reminds me a lot of Piazza, New York Catcher from belle and sebastian.. anyone heard of it? which one was written first?
    -/peekoi.on March 29, 2008   Link

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