During the laceration
All you want to do is cry
But at last that realization
How quickly fresh blood dries

Needs little explanation
It's gonna take a lot of time
Ideas above our station
Are over the fog in my mind

When I see I see my signs

And it's the same face
Presenting the same lie
If you keep walking sideways
If you keep changing your mind
Always the same face
Presenting the same lie
If you keep sideways
If you keep changing your mind...

When I see I see my signs
When I see I see my signs

Obsolete, your voices are...

They say, silence, it sometimes pays
In war, silence, it sometimes pays
They say, silence, it sometimes pays
In war, silence, it sometimes pays

Souls and windows, stops existing
Holes where his eyes used to be
Needle and thread hold together
His love for the dead, and all who sail in her

Saw the seashore, unfamiliar
The water and oil, unfamiliar
Success and toil, unfamiliar
Unaccustomed, unfamiliar

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    General CommentOK, first off, absolutely brilliant song. The climax is just so intense, the tone so shifting, and the mood so diverse.

    As for the lyrics, I may be way off here, but I think it's about
    war (I know the "in war" part seems too obvious) The first verse talks about how much everybody can complain about war at first, but how those same protestors soon give up, and forget about it all("fresh blood dries", those killed are soon forgotten).

    The second is about the public lying back and accepting the fact that war is out of their influence, that their nothing to be done and it is "above our station" - left to politicians and leaders.

    "Always the same face" shows how all wars are the same, lead by the same people, "presenting the same lie" - false pretenses of patriotism. Despite this, we "keep walking sideways" and "changing your mind" - we don't have the power to unite and stop war ourselves, because we're too hesitant.

    "Obsolete, your voices are" is self-explanatory. Then, "silence" shows that we consider our own hesitance and reluctance to speak up as the safer option.

    "Souls and windows" is a difficult one, but I think it's saying that we become blinded by war, boxed in by patriotic and isolationist values. The "needle and thread" part is about how our values are only superifical, that our obssession with our own morals blinds us against logic.

    The "water and oil" part reinforces an Iraq image the most for me. "Saw the seashore" is about a sudden desire, seeing a land beyond our horizons and wanting to conquer it. "Unfamiliar" itself I can't really figure out, but I think it may be about how we distance ourselves from war and leadership because we doubt so much our ability to change them. We treat important things as unfamiliar, and leave them to our leaders.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I think this is the most likely meaning I can think of. Considering this song leads straight on from "Commemorative 9/11 T-Shirt", I think it fits the theme nicely. ;)
    Arkyopterixon February 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWow, great work, Arkyopterix. Agreed that this song is fantastic, and your interpretation seems to make sense.
    Spacecowon May 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentReally like the interpretation Arkyopterix. However, somone on the Oceansize board pointed out that they felt it was more about an inner, personal struggle. And through that lense, the song makes a lot of sense.

    In the last part, it alludes to the fact that everything has become 'unfamiliar.' The line preceeding ending also sets this up:

    "Holes where his eyes used to be
    Needle and thread hold together
    His love for the dead"

    This person is barely being held together, and is thus a different being, a changed person. Everything has become unfamiliar: water and oil, souls and windows, the seashore. Nothing is the same. This person is seeing everything differently and thus everything is unfamiliar.

    There is a lot of visual references too.

    "When I see I see my signs"
    "And it's the same face
    Presenting the same lie"

    Given those lines, I get a confrontational image, like somone looking in a mirror ie "the same face." This person sees their face, but sees the lie that they are. The lie could well be what that person has become.

    However, this is not to say he war vibe is not relevant. I think that interpretation could be on the money. Who knows, this is just a different idea. :)

    LordMarburyon September 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWhat an amazing group. Vennart really is a brilliant lyricist. So much thought he is able to conjure up.

    I feel the song has to do with the effects of trauma, whether it be from war or some other catastrophic event that flips your whole world view, making things afterwards seem unfamiliar, no matter how important they might've been at one point.

    The subject is having a hard time moving on from this life altering event -- no reassurance seems to work, and everything he/she once held dear seems obsolete. Instead, they bury their feelings deep, and put on a facade of silence.
    elcapitan1017on June 21, 2016   Link

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