it all started in the second grade when you sat right next to me
you said you moved from way down south and that your momma says your free
we used to talk underneath the willow near the bay
we told eachother things we knew that we could never say
every dream and every hope we had wished upon like stars
but those lonely nights, age sixteen, i wont wonder where you are
we grew up so fast
i almost forgot the time i kissed you near the willow near the bay
i promised that unlike your father i would always stay
i would always

oh my dear jame i wonder how you are
you never told me if you like the gift i left inisde your car
did you ever open it
did you leave it at a bar
know you frequent those
i know you too well

i havent seen you now for fifteen years have passed
remember how you promised that we'd make this moment last
but at that thing i went to less than a week ago
i thought i saw your shadow, i thought i'd let you know
your head was on the shoulder of a bigger better man
but its okay dont worry, he'll be better than i am
i wanted to ask you why you left, why you left your world behind
did you think of something more, something you knew you had to find
all i said was hi

oh my dear jamie
i wonder where you are
on those quiet nights when your alone do you wonder where you are?
do you even wonder how i feel?
when you think bout the years the sky doesnt seem so far
will you fly away, fly to me?

three years later your momma left a call on my machine,
the words diddnt speak, they only screamed, words i didnt want to hear, oh what i'd give to only have you here
i thought about the last time and you did look rather thin
it was a war of will you didnt have the strength to win,
she said you needed another face to stay right by her side,
and that is when i cried

oh my dear jamie
how i miss you
when i look up at the stars i feel comfort knowing that is where you are
i'll set one aside for you and i
like the lazy nights so many years ago we used to stare up at the sky
i miss you so, i miss you

breathe in the silence, make your last wish
remember the family the friends that you'll miss
oh jamie i need you to recognize this
the words stand true, i wrote them for you
i know your wondering what i should do
write you a letter or finish this song
now im wodnering where you belong, betweeen past and the present, what tense i should use
the end of the green line is the spark to my fuse

i swear i'll end it right now, its all for you that i'm wodnering how
if i leave no one will greive or even remember
the day in decmember my car it lay in embers now im right next to you enjoying coffe on a cloud, the planes arent loud, you'd think that theyd be, but now im happy, my jamie and me

your beautfiul as always, my words still peirce the skies,
i finally can ask you if it was all just a lie
did you know about it that day you were gone
or did it come later like the words for this song
i know that i love you but my means were just so wrong
the whole world will miss us and we'll just pass the time
choking on words and the couludy white line,
you wont ever leave me no not this time"

now that your gone i'll miss you forever
wanderng streets, to find my whoever

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