My daddy played in a vegas band, he made an alright decent living playing big band standards for business men and their paid asian escorts.
Till he started up gambling and in one hand lost 50 grand, bet it all on four kings but somebody had aces.
They called him the man with the plastic suns rumored to kill cops just for fun, or made a fortune scamming old ladies in nursing homes.
Oh the man with the plastic suns, invents diseases just for fun, oh he blackmailes rainbows to turn into nooses.
So I dropped out of high school and got a job selling phones at the mall.
But I could make twice as much money taking my shirt off at the cocktail bar.
My daddy pawned all his guitars but he was still 30000 short, then one day three rancid ruthless men broke down the door.
First they butchered his whole right hand, oh he never played trumpet again, pay up by Friday or we're coming back for your cock and your kneecaps.
He----y give us our money or we'll break your fucking legs---lets race to the desert
He=y I could use a stiff drink, or just some time to think—lets race the badlands lets race the ocean.

My daddy stopped leaving the house, and he drank and he drank and he drank, stayed up all night talking to pictures of my dead mother,
Then I found him in the basement smashing tv's on the cement filling swimming pools gasoline and drawings of angels.
Oh mr plastic suns wont you have some mercy on me
Oh mr plastic suns wont you let my poor daddy be.

Hey give us our money or we'll break your fucking legs lets race the desert
Hey I could use a stiff drink or just some time to think lets race the badlands
Hey you walk into a postcard of somewhere in London
Hey theres a loft party down the street music dripping down from the trees bass blazing tranquilizing beats voices of people you'd like to meet

So I took a pistol and put on a low cut shirt,
Found the man with the plastic suns at the crap table and started to flirt.

Hey a man was shot today took six bullets to the face
Hey the rumour on the street is that the suspect is sixteen
Hey the man with the plastic sun was pronounced dead on arrival
Hey and an ex musician hung himself in a suburban attic yeah the desert is laughing the desert is mourning

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    General CommentSorry, theTyrant,

    I guess I didn't really explain that part every well. The inclusion of the number six for the bullet count is obviously a reference to a six-shooter due to the idea that the main character would unload the selected gun on her prey. However, the revolver is a gun with little modern relevance and would be far harder to acquire than your standard pistol. So, as a result, we can assume that the insert of the number does have relevance.

    Also, thank you for the request, and I believe I honored it in full. I chose the song "Toxic", as it was one of Britney's bigger hits from her recent work:

    Just scroll down to the bottom for my comment. I hope that you enjoy it.
    Baron Nocturnuson January 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAnd she shoots him 6 times in the face cause she really, REALLY want's him dead. It's just aggression, not the number 666 with some satanic beast number!!
    theTyranton August 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is suck a good song, tells a pretty detailed mafioso story.

    I dig it.
    ManMythLegendon September 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSuch* {Fuck}
    ManMythLegendon September 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYeah, Jaguar love are so fucking good. Pretty much anything Johnny (and Cody) touches turns to gold.
    one minor correction, instead of:
    'So I took a pistol and put on a low cut shirt,'
    It is definetly 'So I (or possibly 'you') took a gun from the cabinet and put on a low cut shirt'.
    richfrmblackliston October 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYeah, I just copy and pasted this off the lyric blog on their MySpace page. I'm sure it'll be changed when the album is released
    CujoEtneron October 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI miss TBB, but this makes up for them.
    Nyxzenon February 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI miss TBB, but this makes up for them.
    Nyxzenon February 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentJohnny Whitney is truly a master of the modern lyric. His style of writing transcends genre, and can be appreciate on both the literal, as well as the metaphysical level. Johnny has always been deep into the metaphysical- especially in the earlier days of his career, where, to the untrained eye, many of his songs would make no sense at all.

    Recently, he has taken to spinning a story that can be appreciated as a tale in and of itself, but has a deeper subtext. "The Man with the Plastic Suns" is a perfect example of this.

    For those of you who haven't looked into it yet, I'll make it easy for you and lay out everything that I've figured out thus far:

    -By making the main character's father play in a band in Las Vegas (notoriously the "Sin City") it implies that her father is a man who has already been corrupted morally before ever meeting "The Man with the Plastic Suns".

    -The father's band plays old "big band standards". This implies a sense of innocence, harkening back to a simpler time in history, when, supposedly, all was right in the world. This note stands in stark contrast to the previous point made, implying that the "father" was attempting to find some sort of redemption for his past misdeeds. This shows that he is a reflection of all of mankind who have hit rock bottom and are trying to pull themselves back up while in dire straits.

    -Traditionally in film if a character has a hand of aces versus a hand of kings, they are branded a cheater. This shows that "The Man with the Plastic Suns" represents all that is evil in mankind, if not the darker section of mankind themselves- the dregs, the criminals, etc.

    -"The man with the Plastic Suns" kills police officers, thus he is not part of any oppressive government.

    -"The man with the Plastic Suns" invents diseases. This shows that he is supposed to be, in this example, synonymous with the blanket term of "terrorist" that governments use to described anything that they deem to be evil.

    -"The man with the Plastic Suns" "blackmails rainbows to turn into nooses". This is one of my favorite lines in the song, because it foreshadow the suicide at the end of the song. Not only that, but it also shows how the metaphysical "Man with the Plastic Suns" takes the happiness that exists in modern society and turns it into a proverbial suicide for those effected.

    -The main character refuses to shame herself by stripping. This implies both a sense of morality and selfishness on her part. Therefore, the main character reflects the faux holy teenage culture. People who complain about this and that, but do nothing to stop it.

    -The "father" sells his guitars to pay off his bills, implying that he no longer has his job as a musician, which was symbolic of his (and thus mankind's) final shot at redemption. Now he is- and thus, we are- immersed in corruption.

    -"The Man with the Plastic Suns" doesn't actually do his dirty work, but drones carry it out for him. This shows that many people are actually part of moral corruption without actually realizing it.

    -The "father" originally forgoes alcohol for "some time to think" which shows that he is not part of that inherently corrupt set that "The Man with the Plastic Suns" is.

    -The "father" relapses into old habits, falling to the level of his opposite by succumbing to alcohol, showing that with redemption can also come failure.

    -The "dead mother" represents the beautiful ideal of a perfect society, as the "father" seeks her in his time of desperation and doubt.

    -The "father" smashes televisions "on the cement". This is a constant theme in much of Whitney's work: a lashing out at the media as an answer to the issue at hand. It's a dichotomy that it is not the media that is responsible for many issues in society, but rather man's dependance on the media. In the context of this song, the section of society represented by the "father" is shown by this line to not be part of that sect that is enslaved by themselves, but rather by circumstance. This further implies that "The Man with the Plastic Suns" *may* be part of that sect.

    -When the "father" fills the swimming pool with gasolene and "drawings of angels," I believe that it is supposed to be a symbol of the volatility of religious obsession, and the unhealthy environment that it breeds; especially of those who have hit their own personal "rock bottom".

    -Walking "into a postcard of somewhere in London" implies a detachment from reality and the desire to simply have all of those ominous troubles in life just go away. This speaks to modern society and our tenancy toward escapism.

    -The main character, who (if you remember) originally has the moral ethic to not stoop to the level of objectification puts on a low-cut shirt. Now, in Whitney's work, whenever a woman is objectified, it is a symbol for evil, and so this shows a transition from "moral but inactive" to "active but amoral" on the part of teen culture that is symbolized by the main character.

    -"The Man with the Plastic Suns" is still in the casino. He has not shown any dynamic features, unlike the other characters, for the duration of the song. This shows that he represents those who repeat-offend; those who do not want to be corrected.

    -The main character is removed from the narration, implying that, even though she killed "The Man with the Plastic Suns" she, herself has also died in the process.

    -"The Man With the Plastic Suns" was shot in the face six times. The obvious symbol of the number six is that it is an evil number (666 being the well-known sign for the Beast). This shows that the character who once was morally upright is now brought to the same level as the man who ruined her father.

    -The main character is revealed to be the age of sixteen. This is an important age for teenagers- it is an age of rebirth and transition. This character, and thus who they symbolize, carries with them all that the age entails.

    -The "father" hangs himself at the end of the song, showing how one small event can alter the whole of society that is represented thus far in the song by our three characters. With this suicide, all three are dead by the end of the story.

    -"The desert" and "The ocean" represent the masses of people who fall between the cracks, and are not represented by either the main character, the "father" or "The Man with the Plastic Suns". By saying that they are both laughing and mourning, Whitney implies that the "desert" represents one point of view that mankind possess, and the "ocean" represents the opposite. This could be a nod to the current political climate: two harsh climates that cannot support human life being used to represent democrats and republicans. In my opinion the "ocean" would represent the democrats, being that it is a party that seems to be bountiful and life-giving (as a mass of water would be) but upon closer inspection, it is just as harsh and unforgiving as the "desert".
    Baron Nocturnuson April 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHoly crap Baron. Did you come up with all of that yourself?
    CujoEtneron April 12, 2008   Link

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